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10 outstanding events of CMC in 2011

1.    CMC ranks in Top 50 National Famous Trademarks 2011

On 12/6/2011 in Hanoi, representative of CMC Corporation had the great honor to receive the Certificate and symbol of “Vietnam Famous Trademark” Prize awarded by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. The Prize is awarded basing on criteria on competitiveness capacity of enterprises given by the Board of Organizers including: competitiveness in the market, investment strategy, quality control system, and especially the prestige of products and service before the public etc.

2.    CMC restructures the system integration sector, CMC SI officially introduced CMS SI Saigon and was ranked in Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam

CMC SI Restructuring Project was commenced from early 2011 with the main purpose of leading CMC SI become a professional IT service supply company and reduce the dependence on typical features of project business and be more active in researching market demand and searching for new customers. This project has been implemented throughout CMC SI Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh branch which covers and has impacts on the whole operation of CMC SI such as strategy, products, services, structure, production, business and operation activities etc.

Restructuring project also leads to changes in model of CMS SI Saigon branch to become the model of a liability limited company to increase the activeness and growth rate in the Southern market of CMC in system integration sector. On 29/8/2011, CMC SI officially introduces a member company – CMC System Integration Saigon Company Limited – CMC SI Saigon.

Also in this year, according to the list posted on website VNR500 dated 29/11/2011, CMC SI was for the first time ranked into Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam. This result confirms the outstanding growth rate of a member company under CMC Group in the background of the economy with many variations.

3.    Internet Network of CMC has the highest speed in Vietnam

This is the result announced in the list on ranking Internet network speed of 185 countries on the website speedtest.net dated 20/1/2011. According to Speedtest, in Hanoi, Internet network of CMC has the highest download speed of 24.43 Mbps, while VNPT network speed (accounting for 71.3% of ADSL market share and 58.5% FTTH market share) only reaches 4.22Mbps, higher than FPT network with speed of 3.62 Mbps. In Ho Chi Minh city, CMC network is still the network with highest speed (40.53 Mbps), FPT network ranks the second with speed of 8.3 Mbps, VNPT network ranks the 5th with speed of only 4.49 Mbps. This result proves for the leading position in GPON technology in Vietnam of CMC, in particular of CMC TI.

4.    CMC ranks in FAST500 - Enterprises with fastest growth rate in Vietnam

On 30/3/2011, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (VietNam Report) announced the FAST500 list (ranking on enterprises with the fastest growth rate in Vietnam 2010). According to this result, CMC ranks 149th in Top 500 enterprises with fastest growth rate in Vietnam. To be listed in FAST500, the enterprises are required to gain clear criteria: first criteria is about growth rate of revenue in 4 years; the second is about total assets of more than 100 billion VND; the third is the number of employees, this criteria represents for the social meaning of the enterprises when creating many jobs for the labor market; the forth criteria is about profit. 

5.    CMC restructures production and distribution sector, CMC Distribution changes its name into CMC P & T

On 02/3/2012, at head office at CMC Tower, new Board of Directors of CMC P & T (formerly known as CMC Distribution with some business sectors transferred from CMS) were officially presented to all staffs.

The changing from CMC Distribution into CMC P & T is within the strategy for restructuring production and business sector of CMC Corporation with the objectives of promoting and focusing integrated sources in business and distribution activities. CMC P & T includes more than 200 employees with the head office in Hanoi and branch office in Ho Chi Minh city and the network of agents and distributors throughout 64 cities/provinces throughout the country. The company develops basing on 4 core values of: Professional, Flexible, Decisive and Sharing.

6.    CMC TI reached the target of 8,000 customers, ranked the second in terms of market share in Da Nang after 1 year of official operation in this market

On 11/01/2011, CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure Joint Stock Company (CMC TI) officially opened its branch in Da Nang city. After 1 year of operation, with the advantages of owning advanced technologies such as GPON, EOC etc. CMC TI Danang reached the target of 8000 customers using the services, ranked the second in terms of market share in Da Nang city.
In the coming time, besides investments into infrastructure network in big cities, CMC TI shall promote to cooperate with cable television service providers who already have the network infrastructure and start to integrate many different services in one connection to offer the customers with more utility services.

7.    Introducing virus scanning software for Smartphone - CMC Mobile Security

On 08/07, CMC InfoSec officially introduced the virus scanning software for the first Android operating system in Vietnam with the name CMC Mobile Security.  . With simple interface, convenient functions and effective virus detecting and scanning ability, CMC Mobile Security will surely satisfy the mobile users. Introduction of product line for mobile phones proves that CMC InfoSec is diversifying product lines to protect the users at the maximum on all means and offer the users more options.  
After 6 months of being present at the market, in 2/2012, “CMC Mobile Security Development and commercialization project” was officially commenced by signing IPP (Innovation Partnership Program for Ministry of Science and Technology sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland).

8.    CMC awarded with certificate of merit from Ministry of Information and Communication

On 15/02/2011, CMC had the great honor to receive the certificate of merit from Ministry of Information and Communication. Ending 2010 with many difficulties, CMC Corporation was proud of its gained achievements. In nearly 19 years ago, CMC has tried the best to develop strongly three strategic sectors including Information Technology (IT), Telecommunication (Telecommunication) and e-Business and have gained many achievements.

9.    CMC Telecom awarded with the prize of Young Information Technology-Telecommunication Enterprise with the best development potential and Sao Khue prize for Data Center service

On 23/4/2011, CMC Telecom was awarded with the prize of young Information Technology-Telecommunication Enterprise with the best development potential. This is the prize to praise the young enterprises with excellent growth rate in all sectors with less than 05 years of establishment and operation and scale of less than 300 full time employees.
After that in 6/2011, CMC Telecom was continuously awarded with Sao Khue prize, the prize for excellent Data Center service provider. In 11/2011, CMC Telecom also officially introduced CMC Tower Data Security Center meeting international Tier 3 standard (the highest standard at the present titled to a data center in Vietnam) following One-Stop-Shop model. With above mentioned achievements, CMC Telecom has confirmed its right step in Neutral&VNO direction.

10.    CMC provides free of charge security inspection for websites of Vietnamese Newspapers

In 6/2011, CMC announced to provide free of charge security inspection package for websites of newspapers and governments at “Network Security in Vietnam-Dangers and Solutions” (held by CMC in cooperation with Vietnam ICT Press Club and Vietnam Information Security Association - VNISA). In the background of hundreds of websites of Vietnam have been attacked with increasingly high quantity which alarms the danger of losing network security, the timely and pioneer action of CMC is highly appreciated by Ministry of Information and Communication. At the same time, this is also 1 of 10 outstanding Information Technology - Telecommunication events in 2011 selected by Vietnam ICT Press Club.

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