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CMC System Integration Saigon Company Limited is officially introduced

CMC Corporation has been officially present in the Southern market since 1996. In 2005, CMC SI established the branch in Ho Chi Minh city and has considerable contributions to the annual business results of the corporation. However, in considering the market potentials, the operation of CMC SI in Ho Chi Minh city still needs improving to expand the operation scale and speed up the competitiveness in the market. This is also the reason why CMC SI decides to establish the member company in Ho Chi Minh city so that the company can be actively in investing and developing to meet the increasingly high demand of the market for service quality.

Mr. Dang The Tai, CEO of CMC SI Saigon said that “the development strategy for next 3 years of CMC SI Saigon is to confirm the leading role in the information technology system integration in the Southern market and become the leading system integration service provider in the region through maintaining the high annual growth rate (30-40%), and providing professional Information Technology solutions and services with high quality and outstanding prestige to reach the strategy of 1000 billion VND in revenue after 3 years”.

In the southern market, with nearly 20 years of experience in providing information technology services, solutions, CMC SI has been highly appreciated by the customers in such fields as: finance, Banking (card solution, Core banking solution, ATM solution,…); enterprise administration, education, information technology infrastructure solutions (data center, senior servers, security, network system…); authorized information technology services; customized information technology services….

In the recent June, CMC SI has been awarded with many packages with the value of up to hundreds of billion VND in Finance-Banking field such as: Installing information technology equipments for Data Centre of the General Customs department, Taxation department, Data centre of Ministry of Finance….
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