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CMC will invest to increate the core competitive capacity

After 18 years of development (26/5/1993 - 26/5/2011), CMC Corporation has confirmed its leading position in the domestic market with 10 member companies through key business sectors as system integration, software service, telecommunication-Internet, ICT product production and distribution, e-commerce,….with the average growth rate of 50% per year.

To gain the firm development steps, since middle 2010, CMC has applied many decisive actions such as renovation, re-organization in terms of strategy, organization, change of personnel in many member companies such as CMC SI, CMS… Besides, the corporation also pays attention and invest in R&D to create “core” technology and products with high contents of Viet Intelligence to closely link with “features” of CMC trademark.

From these efforts, in 2010, CMC became one of 32 biggest private economic groups in Vietnam basing on scale and operation performance and ranked in Top 142 enterprises with highest growth rates in Vietnam in the period 2004 - 2009.

While, it can name such trademarks contributing to the success of CMC today such as CMS - the leading trademark of Viet computers with laptops, table computers with enough strength to complete with foreign trademarks; or CMC Telecommunication Service Joint Stock Company (CMC Telecom) – the pioneer enterprise in providing telecommunication services following the Neutral & VNO model which was awarded with the VICTA 2010 Prize at the item of “Young Information Technology and Telecommunication Enterprises with the best development potentials”…

Since 2011, CMC has defined to continuously complete the business strategies and search for attractive partners in constructing the sustainable competitive advantages as the vital task for the group. In parallel, the group also apply many solutions to increase the management capacity and operating skills for the leaders and managerial staffs….Particularly for strengthening and development key personnel in the big family with more than 1800 people of CMC, the Group will continue to issue and develop suitable human resource policies with highest encouraging value to ensure the physical and spiritual lives for all staff….

Besides, in the development strategy for the coming time, the strength of CMC will focus in speeding up professional infrastructure services at CMC SI, in software, solutions and software services of CMC Soft, CMC InfoSec, Ciber - CMC; basic telecommunication services with advanced FTTx technology as well as the telecommunication integration services and added values of CMC Telecom, CMC TI, NetNam, CMS … with high grey matter contents as well as competitive business method and price.

"Besides the objective of profit, CMC will also implement objectives of constructing and developing core competitive ability to be the basic for strong development in 2012” said Mr. Ha The Minh, Chairman of Board of Shareholders of CMC.

* According to ICTnews posted on 27/5/2011
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