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CMS present cheap netbook and laptop

First Netbook 3G bearing Vietnamese brand

ICbook G1 integrated with module 3G plugged inside and SIM 3G slot allows users to access to Internet quickly and stably in mobile coverage areas instead of using bulky USB 3G. CMS is confident that netbook ICbook G1 will be an efficient assistant for users in working, studying and relaxing in every without limited time and space.

ICbook G1 is only 1.2 kilograms heavy with elegant design, small, neat with traditional black color. LED 10.1” screen allows displaying sharp image and power savings.

In addition to supporting the latest operating system Windows 7 of Microsoft, running in the latest base of Intel Pine Trail-M for many types of netbook, ICbook G1 also has a microprocessor integrated with graphic card which allows users to watch high definition (HD) movies of 720p x 1080p without buffering, which most of netbook lines before could not meet.

With ICbook G1, CMS becomes the first Vietnam’s trade name computer firm producing netbook which can operate in 3G network.

ICbook G1 shall appear in the market at the price of 7,260,000 VND (excluding VAT).

Tornado of cheap laptops

In addition to Netbook 3G, CMS also brings to Vietnam Computer Electronics WorldExpo CMS Sputnik E series laptop at special price for popular people.

For those who are on tight budgets and have demand for laptop for their daily work such as: office, internet, email, entertainment, etc., this series of laptop can be seen as an ideal choice.
CMS Sputnik E series laptop has 14” LED screen which allows displaying sharp image and power savings, more environment-friendly than TFT screen. The stand is designed to be stable with traditional black color.

CMS Sputnik E series laptop supports CPU mobile series of Intel (Core 2 Duo, Pentium, Celeron), SATA 2.5” standard hard drive and DDR2 and DDR3 memory. In addition, E series support operating system Windows 7 (the latest product of Microsoft). The product is warranted at 76 Warranty Centers of CMS nationwide.

CMS Sputnik E series is expected to be sold at 6,000,000 VND. This shall be the lowest price ever which a computer firm can introduce to Vietnam’s market.
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