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Canada searches for cooperation opportunity with CMC

Introduced by Canada Embassy in Vietnam, the Delegation from Canada wished to study about IT environment and search for cooperation opportunity with Vietnam through CMC, especially in e-government, IT application in energy management, system integration and health sectors etc.

Representative of Canada delegation, Mr. Alex Conradi, Trade and Investment Director of Southern Hemisphire evaluated Vietnam as a potential market for developing information technology. Also at the meeting, after listening to the introduction about IT sector in general and CMC in particular, he thought that Vietnam needed to define a clear vision about the future, especially about IT sector with due attention on such sectors as e-government, IT application in energy management, system integration and health. These sectors have much potential, “although in the general background that the world economy and Vietnamese economy have faced economic crisis, there are still much potential. We hope that CMC and Canadian enterprises shall become potential partners in the future”.

Shared the same opinion with representative from Canda, Mr. Le Chi Dung, Strategy and Investment Director of CMC  expressed the wish Canada partner shared more technology information and experience in developing IT sector, especially new sectors which had been directed to develop in Vietnam.

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