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Internet network provided by CMC has highest speed in Vietnam

This research ranked 224 countries in terms of Internet speed and ratio of successful download times. The results are based on data from 27 downloading times with the volume of 35 Petabyte and are carried out at 224 countries worldwide. The research was carried out on 20 million of computers from 1- 6/2011.

The results show that Korea is currently the leading country with the highest Internet speed in the world with the average speed of up to 2,202KBps. The second country in the list of countries with highest Internet speed is Romani with the average speed of 1,909KBps.

Also in according to the results by Pando Network, Vietnam has the average Internet speed of 374KBps, the highest speed in the Southeast Asia region before other countries such as Thailand (268 KBps), Philippine (213 KBps), Indonesia (129 KBps), Singapore (335 KBps), and ranks the 3rd in Asia, only after Korea (2.202 KBps) and Japan (1.364 KBps).

However, the report on global internet speed for 2nd quarter 2010 by Akamai showed that the internet speed of Vietnam was at 1.7 Mbps, lover than the average speed of the world of 1.8 Mbps and ranked the 32/50 of surveyed countries. In which, comparing to 6 surveyed countries in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam ranked after Thailand (2.90 Mbps), Singapore (3.1 Mbps) and before Malaysia (1.19 Mbps), Philippine (0.90 Mbps), Indonesia (0.63 Mbps). In particularly, there are more than 70% network connection with speed of from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps and only more than 2% of connection with speed of more than 5 Mbps. Although In the report on global internet speed for 1st quarter 2011 by Akamai, Vietnam and Thailand were not listed in this list, however the average internet speed of Malaysia and Singapore increased to 1.6 Mbps and 4.2 Mbps respectively.

According to website NetIndex (the website for summarizing the results basing on the measuring results of Speedtest.net), the downloading speed of Vietnam is only at 9.79 Mbps (ranks the 39th per 180 countries worldwide) and the uploading speed is 5.47 Mbps (ranks 22/180 countries). This result is based on 365,631 IP addresses in Vietnam through 1,459,262 speed tests. In which, basing on IP address, Hanoi has the highest downloading speed in Vietnam with 10.08 Mbps, and Ho Chi Minh city (9.16 Mbsp) and Can Tho 6.55 Mbps) rank the 2nd and the 3rd respectively.

Also according to Speedtest, in Hanoi, the Internet network provided by CMC has the highest downloading speed of 16.64 Mbps while this speed of the network provided by VNPD is only 15.60 Mbps, while that of FPT is 10.35 Mbps. And in Ho Chi Minh city, the network provided by CMC still has the highest speed (28.19 Mbps), EVN Telecom ranks the second with the speed of 10.69 Mbps, then FPT Telecom and VNPT only rank the third and fifth with the speed of 10.17 Mbps, 7.73 Mbps.
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