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"Production of hardware on the Information and Technology background of Vietnam”

The National Conference on Information Technology and Telecommunication this year held with the topic “The project to lead Vietnam to become a company with strong information technology and telecommunication: one year looking back the computers for intellectual connection program” is the annual activity of the National Steering Committee on Information and Technology to summarize and evaluate policies and strategies on information technology and telecommunication development in 2011 and proposing the directions for 2012.

participated in the conference as a Vice Chairman and General Secretary of VEIA, General DirectorCEO of CMS, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai focused on contents “Development of hardware production and intellectual network connection program”.

Accordingly, with the market share of up to 90%in production and distribution of table computers, accounting for 20% of market share and saving nearly 2000 billion VND/year, he emphasized that the hardware industry of Vietnam plays an important role and becomes the essential foundation for national economic development as well as information technology development of Vietnam. Not only contributing to cost saving, reducing excess of imports over exports, the development of hardware industry will create hundred thousand of jobs for the domestic workers. He also indicated some honorable figures of CMS computer trademark, one of the national trademarks and the only key industrial product of Hanoi in Information technology industry to prove the development and potentials of hardware industry of Vietnam. With experience learned from developed countries and gained achievements, information technology hardware industry is the suitable choice for Vietnam and it is estimated that the potentials of domestic market can increase 3-4 times in 2020 in terms of scale.

Confirming that the opportunities are from Viet hardware products, the discussion also gave strategic proposals such as mastering the domestic market through promoting R& D activities, mastering the design and implementing the production activities quickly to develop a wide and deep distribution and service network. At the same time, the enterprises are also required to pay attention on exporting activities by developing more value added services to meet the requirements of international markets, focusing in developing some leading trademarks and accessing potential export markets….Besides, the support and modifications of the policies from the Government and relevant ministries and sectors also have active impacts on the hardware industry in Vietnam.

Hardware production in the Cheap Computers Program was the topic attracting much concern from participants and communication companies. Answering questions relating to Cheap Computers program and sharing experiences from the countries where similar programs were implemented successfully, the discussion proposed some policies such as supporting costs for R&D activities, human resource training, import tax exemption for accessories, VAT reduction for the computers serving for the program and other preferences to promote this program in Vietnam.

To summarize the discussion, once more, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai confirmed that the successful production of hardware products for this program was an important step in local production development and this would be the basic for the strategy of turning Vietnam into the center for producing information technology and telecommunication products for Asean region and aiming at Top2 of the world.

Participated the conference, CMS Computer Company also introduced and displayed sample computers suitable for Computers for Intellectual Connection Program and new solution of CMS SmartClass. The displayed products were highly evaluated in terms of solution for widely using Viet computers throughout Vietnamese market and contributing to Computers for Intellectual Connection program.

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