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Introduction of Board of Directors of CMC P & T

Changing the name from CMC Distribution to CMC P & T  is within the restructuring strategy of CMC Corporation with the objectives of promoting and focusing integrated sources into business and distribution activities.

Beginning his speech, CEO of CMC P & T Trinh Thanh Lam, a familiar face with ICT Vietnam community, shared sincerely his beliefs in CMC and reasons why he selected CMC as am important turning point in his career. Mr. Lam said he had 21 years of working experience with 7 first years working as the lecturer for National University and working for many multi-national groups such as Intel, Microsoft, HP etc. CEO of CMC P&T confirmed that he would be together with the development of CMC P & T in the next 14 years of his career. This decision was originated from his sentiment for Mr. Ha The Minh, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh who were the leaders that he greatly respected for a long time and for CMC, a leading ICT corporation in Vietnam with much potential for strong development.

In production and distribution sector, CMS is the leading and well-known computer producer in Vietnam. In distribution sector, CMC is one of the computer accessories distributor with many experiences established from 1998 to date. In the new development strategy, CMS shall focus on R&D and production sectors. Functions of distributing, selling, communicating and services provided by CMS before shall be authorized to CMC P & T; and accordingly some departments of CMS shall be changed and located in the new organization chart of CMC P & T.

With available advantages in terms of trademarks, scale and firm financial capacity, CMC P & T shall be promised to offer the customers with products and services suitable with Vietnamese users. Taking about reason for restructuring, Mr. Lam shared: this was aiming at creating new strength in business and enterprise administration activities, focusing intelligence and taking full advantages of human resources, financial capacity and getting agreements in business and investment methods and strategies. As a mathematician, Mr. Lam confirmed shortly about objectives of CMC P & T in 2012 as follows: aiming at expected revenue of 2,400 billion in fiscal year 2012. However, Mr. Lam also emphasized that “That is only the figure about revenue, and the more important thing is profit”. Represented for new Board of Directors, Mr. Lam called everyone think and change actively and focus all sources to aim objective set up above.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the corporation, CEO Nguyen Trung Chinh offered the flowers and best regards to new Board of Directors of CMC P & T including talented individuals of former CMC D and CMS. To clarify about decision on restructuring CMC P & T, as well as commitment of Board of Directors before all staffs, Mr. Chinh spent much time to share and answer questions from some staffs. Analyzing on necessity of restructuring, CEO Chinh confirmed that this was a regular action of any organization and restructuring of CMC P& T today was aiming at gaining higher growth rate in terms of revenue and profit. Better business results would mean that the employees would be given with better policies and benefits.

Taking the new role of Deputy General Director of CMC P & T, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai introduced new leaders of CMC P & T. Mr. Hai said “Although the economy has many difficulties, the development plan of ICT distribution sector is still very potential because of the development demand of the society will require IT and IT products are always indispensable equipments of many individuals and organizations. With this change, we expect that in the future, CMC P & T shall become the leading company specialized in providing ICT services and products in Vietnamese market. Besides, this restructuring is completely suitable with international practice and development tendency in the region and the world”.

CMC P & T at the present includes 200 staffs and has the head office in Hanoi and Branch office in Ho Chi Minh city and the network of agents and distributors throughout 64 provinces/cities of the country. The company develops basing on 4 core values: Professional, Flexible, Decisive and Sharing.

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