CMC officially establishes CMC Technology and Solutions Company


On April 11th, 2019, CMC Corporation has officially established CMC Technology and Solutions Company (CMC TS), and announced CMC's strategy for Vietnam to become the "Digital Hub" of Asia Pacific.


Ribbon-cutting ceremony of CMC to announce the establishment of CMC Technology and Solutions - CMC TS

CMC Technology and Solutions is established by combining the experience and capabilities of 4 member companies from CMC Corporation, namely: CMC System Integration Co., Ltd. (CMC SI), CMC Sai Gon System Integration Co., Ltd. (CMC SISG), CMC Software Solutions Co., Ltd. (CMC Soft) and CMC Information Security Joint Stock Company (CMC Infosec).

With the succession of 26 years of development and construction of integrated solutions from CMC SI, capability of software development and deployment from CMC Soft, No. 1 provider of IT and integration service in the southern market - CMC SISG and the leading provider of Information Security solutions - CMC Infosec, CMC TS is expected to bring about breakthroughs in business and technology.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, Chairman of CMC Corporation emphasized the advantages of CMC TS as well as development opportunities in consistence with the general orientation of CMC Corporation.

“Recently, CMC has launched C.OPE2N - an open infrastructure ecosystem for businesses and organizations. Through C.OPE2N, CMC desires to make Vietnam the "Digital Hub" of Asia Pacific, connecting data and sharing knowledge with the globe. With such a technology strategy, the business goal of CMC Corporation in the period of 2019 - 2023 is to become a "billion-dollar company" (with revenue of USD 1 billion) in 2023. To achieve this goal, the leadership of the Corporation has decided to restructure CMC into 3 business segments, corresponding to 3 new companies which will officially be put into operation from fiscal year 2019. In which, the Technology & Solutions segment (CMC Technology & Solution) is coordinated from companies in the field of System Integration, Software Solutions and Information Security, focusing on leading digital transformation consultancy for organizations and businesses”, Mr. Chinh shared.


CMC TS has advantages as well as development opportunities in consistence with the general orientation of CMC Corporation.

“By combining 4 member companies, we have built CMC Technology and Solutions - CMC TS with consolidated revenue of 4 companies reaching over VND 3000 billion in the last fiscal year. At the time of being established, CMC TS has already been the leading enterprise in the field of IT in Vietnam. Customer Experience & Service Thinking are the most important strategic orientations of CTS in the future development - with the desire to bring the latest technologies, best solutions and products, as well as best quality IT services to customers”, said Mr. Ho Thanh Tung, CEO of CMC TS. With a team of nearly 1,000 employees and experts in the IT field in Vietnam, the leadership of CMC Corporation expects that CMC TS will become one of the leading IT enterprises in Vietnam with the vision of going global.

CMC Technology & Solutions - CMC TS aims to occupy the leading position in providing consultancy of digital transformation solutions for government, organizations and businesses; as well as providing cloud computing solutions; data services and information security services.

Regarding software solutions, CMC TS will focus its resources on providing software solutions for the public finance sector, ministries, banks and businesses; providing smart city solutions and software products under the business model of SaaS (Software as a Service).

In addition, CMC TS will focus on researching and developing new technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, SaaS model, IoT, FinTech, Insurance Tech, etc.


At this event, CMC TS also announced the list of the Board of Management, including: CEO - Mr. Ho Thanh Tung; Deputy CEOs include: Mr. Ta Hoang Linh, Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong, and Mr. Dang The Tai.


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CMC officially establishes CMC Technology and Solutions Company

On April 11th, 2019, CMC Corporation has officially established CMC Technology and Solutions Company (CMC TS), and announced CMC's strategy for Vietnam to become the "Digital Hub" of Asia Pacific.


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