CMC will accompany universities to develop highly qualified ICT human resources


On the morning of 30 March 2019, the "Seminar on Developing highly qualified ICT human resources - Linking higher education institutions and businesses" chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training took place at the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (Hanoi). Attending the event were Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung (Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Information and Communications), Mr. Phung Xuan Nha (Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Education and Training), Mr. Phan Tam (Deputy Minister of Information and Communications), Mr. Le Hai An (Deputy Minister of Education and Training) and representatives of many other departments.


Minister of Information & Communications visits the booth of CMC.

At the seminar on cooperation between businesses of Information Technology and Telecommunications and  institution for training human resources, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Hung (Vice Chairman, Deputy CEO of CMC Corporation) talked about the ways in which businesses and institutions can work together to create the human resources which are proficient in hard skills as well as soft skills, cooperate with high quality human resources of institutionsto guide students from when they are still studying. Businesses should also provide facilities and environment for students to study and practice. At CMC Corporation, the Company has invested heavily in this work with the operation of CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST), Creativity Space and Resource Development Center (RDC) to encourage and create maximum conditions for training and developing resources, as well as creating an incubator for scientific and technological knowledge.


Mr. Hoang Ngoc Hung (Vice Chairman, Deputy CEO of CMC Corporation (far left).

At the end of the event is the signing ceremony between businesses of information technology and telecommunications and higher education institutions for the commitment to accompany each other in developing high-quality ICT human resources for the country. The cooperation agreement aims at promoting capacities and strengths of each party, effectively developing and utilizing potentials of facilities, people and professional knowledge in training high quality human resources for ICT; combining brand propagation and promotion activities for long-term, stable and sustainable development. 

According to the agreement, regarding training and scientific research, CMC will receive the final-year students of the Institute and create conditions for them to have graduation internship, as well as coordinate with lecturers of PTIT to monitor and evaluate the internship of the students. The number of students received in each session will be agreed by the Institute and the corporation from time to time according to the information sent by the Institute. CMC also participates in consulting and evaluating training programs of the Institute. The purpose of this is to enhance the practicality of the training programs and to combine training with the technological development of businesses and society.

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