IBM and CMC: Introducing solution for finance and banking market



According to Mr. Vo Anh Tam, Vice CEO of CMC SI, actually in Vietnam, IBM products have been familiar with public finance and banking systems and public services. Recently, smart urban model of IMB was started in Da Nang and Thai Nguyen which proved that products of the “giant” of American Technology are really indispensable choices.

As a partner of IMB, CMC Corporation has implemented solutions and services for companies and organizations in finance, banking, administration sector and state-owned companies and organizations etc. For example integration solution of E-portal for General Department of Taxation (at the address; IBM Tivoli solution for General Department of Customs; IBM File Net Solution for commercial banks, security solution for Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Finance, National Assembly etc.

On the side of finance systems which are using products, Mr. Pham Quang Toan, Deputy Director of Department of Information and Technology (General Department of  Taxation) commented that, products and services provided by IBM at General Department of Taxation are working very effectively. Taxation Department has many applications relating to Information and Technology to meet demands for public services for the enterprises and people in the situation of modernization of taxation sector. Thus, smart, focus solutions with the data connection and excellent security function have been paid due attention by the General Department. For example the technology architecture of website of the taxation agency on the foundation of IBM WebSphere Enable v7.0 with independent functional modules has been operated effectively since being applied.

With the purposes of sharing actual experience and updating relevant information, lecturers and leaders analyzed deeply issues relating to the ability of wide application of products and applications of IBM in public finance and banking system in the coming time; managing data storage system, connecting and sharing data; integration and connection ability between systems in the sector and between finance sector with other sectors such as banking and telecommunication sectors etc.

“This can be considered as an opportunity for systems to share their experience in applying solutions of IBM and CMC. This is also the opportunity for cooperating and connecting later expansion projects between IBM, CMC and finance systems when Information technology and Telecommunication infrastructure has been considered as a national infrastructure in Vietnam. Especially in the situation that the finance sector has speeded up the modernization process following e-finance style in which pyblic services introduced to enterprises and the people shall be appraised by the satisfactoriness of the customer” shared Deputy Director of Department of Information and Statistics Tran Nguyen Vu.

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