Launched the fixed broadband Internet service VTVnet in Hanoi


Vietnam Television Cable Corporation (VTVcab) and CMC Telecom Infrastructure Co. (CMC Telecom) on Thursday jointly launched the fixed broadband Internet service VTVnet in Hanoi.

The new Internet service is supplied by CMC Telecom using the cable infrastructure of VTVcab under an agreement between the two sides signed in March this year. VTVnet operates on the cable modem termination system (CMTS) technology meeting Euro Docsis 3.0 criteria with a data transmission speed of a maximum 40/40Mbps, much higher than the speed of 8Mbps/768Kpbs of ADSL technology.

Thanks to the CMTS technology, the broadband base of VTVnet could be maximized to meet added value services like online monitoring cameras, teleconferences and other applications for smart buildings. Sharing the same television cable infrastructure, the installment of VTVnet is based on VTVcab’s infrastructure available in over 50 provinces and cities.

The two partners now offer four packages having monthly fees of VND135,000, VND180,000, VND210,000 and VND390,000.

With the only one signal transmission line, over two million users of VTVcab now can watch TVs via cable and HD services whilst using Internet service at a high speed besides many different additional services.

VTVnet at first only targets customers in Hanoi but it will be expanded nationwide in the near future.

Hoang Ngoc Huan, general director of VTVcab, declined to elaborate on the proportion each side will get from the deal but informed a member company under VTVcab would be set up by both sides to take charge of the new service.

Nguyen Duc Thanh, general director of CMC, said that his firm this year would provide Internet service via VTVcab’s infrastructure in Hanoi before expanding it to other provinces and cities next year in line with the agreement. CMC expects to lure 200,000 Internet subscribers to realize the target of obtaining total revenues of VND1 trillion with the new service during six years of cooperation.