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CMC is deploying in the field of banking and finance for over 200 banks and financial institutions

With a team of more than 500 experts from the North to the South and is a strategic partner of many leading technology companies in the world, CMC currently is deploying technology solutions in the field of banking and finance for over 200 banks and financial institutions in Vietnam.


Deploying/Transforming Core banking system

The Core Banking software solution called Finacle of Infosys belongs to the versatile Core Banking solution package, providing wholesale, retail, capital management and commercial banking services, supporting online transaction processing, multi-lingual and multi-currency international business demands, shortening the processing time at the end of the day, month and year.


Solutions for Banking - Finance sector

Solutions for banking industry include: Loan creation and management system; Anti-money laundering solution and financial leasing solution; financial switching and card management for banks. Notable clients in the banking sector include: BIDV, VIB, ABBank, SHB, MSB, Dong A Bank, etc.


Providing overall consultancy of solution for design of infrastructure and Contact Center

CMC TSSG (a member of CMC in the Southern market) is currently consulting the overall solution for infrastructure design based on Genesys solution design, and managing the overall system for the Contact Center project of a leading joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam.


Industry-specific IT equipment (ATM, POS, etc.)

CMC has successfully developed a Central alarm set to be attached to ATM in order to detect and sent immediate alerts of all break-ins to ATM, warehouse, safes, money boxes, data storage areas, file cabinets, etc. Therefore, bank managers can quickly be noticed of the break-ín and provide timely directions to ensure the safety of assets and properties.


Penetration Testing

In order to test the system security against practical threats of attack, CMC experts play the role of attackers who are trying to access the system. From there, they test all possible scenarios for client's information system in order to make recommendations regarding system re-planning, addition of network security equipment and devices to optimize and ensure information security.
(Notable clients: BIDV, VP Bank, Techcombank, VIB Bank, Agribank, GP Bank, VP Bank, EVN.)


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Deployed Infosys' Core Banking Finacle system

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