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Implementing the goal of building an e-Government towards a digital government and digital economy in Vietnam

CMC helps ministries and agencies of the Government to operate better with appropriate and customized technology according to their needs and demands.


Web portal for the Government

The web portal is specially designed by CMC for agencies who wish to develop electronic information systems in the web environment. With CMC Portal, the access to and processing of information is available anytime, anywhere.


Operational operating system for the Government

CMC helps ministries and agencies of the Government manage and exploit the daily huge amount of information in a simple and quick manner through a specific operational operating system for the Government.


Intranet deployment for the Central Party Office

CMC is the company in charge of deploying the operational operating system and Intranet at hundreds of locations nationwide for the project of Office of the Party Central Committee with open source software.


eArchivist - Storage solution for the Government

The eArchivist solution solves current difficulties in archiving and maximizes the value of archived materials for central and local archives as well as archives of ministries and industries.
eArchivist had been voted as one of 43 representative products of software and IT service industry in Vietnam and had been honored with Sao Khue Award in 2017.


CMDD - Malware Detection and Defense (formerly CISE )

A comprehensive computer protection software with technical supports from leading experts. Developed for clients who wish to manage computer resources and defense against virus in a comprehensive and centralized manner, supporting large-sized networks and is capable of managing across provinces of Vietnam.
Notable clients: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Transport, General Department of Security, Vietnam Maritime Administration, Department of Information and Communications of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, Vietnamobile, Viettel.


CMC CryptoSHIELD - Malicious code detection and defense solution

Protecting data from Ransomware attacks is crucial. Developed and published in 2017, CMC CryptoShield software helps to quickly and accurately detect and warn of Ransomware threats , promptly quarantine the system and automatically back up data. When computers show signs of attack, it automatically updates and detects new variants of malicious code. 


Monitoring, reporting, responding to and handling issues related to safety and cyber security. 

CMC provides services to organize the monitoring, report, response and handling of issues relating to safety and security of the system in the form of hiring supervisory personnel or supervisory infrastructure and management.
(Notable clients: Ministry of Transport, Department of E-Commerce and Information Technology, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation, Heineken, Vietnam Lottery Company-Vietlott.)


Security review and inspection services

CMC's network security experts will look into, detect and assess the seriousness of security holes in the system, helping the system, software and hardware of agencies and organizations stay up to date and be secured. Security holes are detected based on the list of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE).
(Notable clients: National Assembly Office, Ministry of Public Security, Army's General Staff, Ministry of Finance, General Department of Vietnam Customs and 32 provincial Customs Departments across the country, State Treasury, City Party Committee - HCM city website)


Case study

Web portal for the Government

The Government needs a web portal to develop the information system

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Case study

Operational operating system 

The problem of managing and processing information of the Government?

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