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Building in-depth competence in specialized solutions and core technologies

With the orientation of becoming an international corporation leading the digital transformation, CMC has been building in-depth competence in specialized solutions and core technologies as well as an open platform ecosystem for businesses, providing multi services for customers to use as the foundation for connecting with technology solution firms in the world.


Deploying SAP Innovation Business solution for businesses

In 2017, Ciber-CMC together with SAP IBS Shanghai successfully implemented the project of "Real Estate Retail" for VIN GROUP. The project uses the new solution of SAP Innovation Business - SAP RE CD solution, which is a new solution that was researched and developed by the Shanghai IBS SAP team and has been successfully implemented in Shanghai for the recent 3 years. 


Comprehensive IT system for businesses

With 26 years of experience in deploying IT systems for businesses and organizations, CMC is proud to provide task management solutions for businesses in the most optimal way on IT systems, integrated with solutions of many leading technology companies in the world. Currently, CMC has more than 3,000 clients who are ministries, agencies, associations and large enterprises nationwide.


Specialized service solutions (according to brands' solutions)

CMC is proud to be a partner of more than 30 technology companies in the world, especially Gold Partner - Microsoft's highest rank of partner. CMC represents firms to deploy and develop solutions and services on IT systems and infrastructure, operational and general management solutions for data centers
based on the latest products and technologies for domestic and regional clients.


Consultancy and deployment of Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

In the digital transformation era, businesses have an urgent need to deploy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to help them with information synchronization and transparency, accurate and consistent data control, in order to help the Board of Directors to closely monitor business activities and make quick decisions in the operation of the system.


Supply and installation of common IT equipment

Simple IT products which have been completed by technology firms or suppliers with high popularity including: PC, laptop, printer, network equipment, dedicated server (Intel, Unix-based), etc. This includes installing, purchasing, upgrading or renewing software license.



Data processing for businesses (Data Management)

Including: Big data analytics solution: Big data, Data warehouse. Data storage and recovery: backup restore, DC-DR, etc.


Operational handling system for consumer & retail businesses

CMC develops diverse software systems depending on clients' need, including: C-Invoice - electronic invoice software; CeAC - online accounting software; Online payment gateway system; E-commerce and online sales system (E-Commerce) for businesses, etc.


Consulting, designing, building effective information security solutions for businesses

CMC provides services to organize the monitoring, report, response and handling of issues relating to safety and security of the system in the form of hiring supervisory personnel or supervisory infrastructure and management.


CMDD - Malware Detection and Defense (formerly CISE )

A comprehensive computer protection software with technical supports from leading experts. Developed for clients who wish to manage computer resources and defense against virus in a comprehensive and centralized manner, supporting large-sized networks.


Data encryption prevention solution - CMC CryptoSHIELD

Developed and published in 2017, CMC CryptoShield software helps to quickly and accurately detect and warn of Ransomware threats , promptly quarantine the system and automatically back up data. When computers show signs of attack, it automatically updates and detects new variants of malicious code. 


New-generation network security center - CMC NextGen SOC

SOC is a network security management center that monitors, detects, quarantines and handles incidents and is responsible for the safety of the entire information system of the organization with 24/7 monitoring and operation. CMC NextGen SOC is one of the pioneering network security management centers in Vietnam that successfully integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and Automation technology to optimize the detection of attacks, quarantine and logs analysis for digital investigation.


Comprehensive deployment service for SAP/Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution

CMC provides comprehensive services for deployment of SAP/Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, including: Providing resources for upgrading and programming SAP/Microsoft Dynamics CRM system; deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer relation management solution; services for integrating SAP system to other systems; converting SAP ECC system to SAP S4HANA system.


Virtualization and cloud computing solutions: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, SaaS

With the development of cloud computing technology, virtualization and cloud computing solutions will help businesses to better deal with problems regarding the ability to expand and upgrade equipment and devices, degree of security and availability of data; along with that are the problems of investment costs and costs for operating IT system.


Network infrastructure solutions: LAN / WAN, Wireless, Network Monitoring, etc.

The network infrastructure solution provided by CMC is a fairly wide system including many different solutions: LAN solution, WAN solution, wireless network solution, consolidated network and
communication solution, network and security solution, etc. which are specific to the industry and consistent with the size of the business.


IT services: IT Onsite, IT Helpdesk

CMC offers a variety of IT services including: Leasing IT equipment, IT Onsite, IT Helpdesk, Repair service; Extended warranty, System maintenance, Database services; Authorized Administration, etc.


Distribution of IT products

CMC is currently distributing: Acer computers, CMS computers, ViewSonic monitors, Samsung Flip interactive flip charts


Case study

Deploy Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 7 is used for customers, which has slow speed and is unable to process transactions with high capacity.

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Case study

Participating in enterprise resource planning

The implementation of the new ERP system is part of PNJ's plan to increase investment in technology for business.

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