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With solutions and services to support public administration agencies to modernize and protect the infrastructure of the Government or  provide better services to citizens, CMC helps organizations in the public sector to accomplish their tasks and making the most of their resources.


Electronic social insurance declaration software - iVan 

The product helps agencies to perform procedures for declaration and payment of social insurance through the electronic transaction portal of Vietnam Social Security. CMC iVan helps to quickly perform the procedures and easily manage hundreds of employees' social insurance records.


Tax declaration supporting software - HTKK

The tax declaration supporting software is a free-of-charge software that supports State agencies in declaring tax returns with 2-dimensional barcode technology, in order to fill in the tax returns and reduce the waiting time in the process of checking and receiving tax returns at the tax office.


Online Public Service Solution

Public service is a software solution that provides public services such as business registration, licensing for establishment of branches or representative offices etc. which integrates Internet Portal and is specially designed for State agencies who wish to develop information system in the web environment in order to use Internet as an essential tool in their activities, such as provision of information, communication, management and operation.


Software solution for online management of notary documents - CeNM

With long-term software development experience, knowledge in the field of notary operation management and application of the most advanced technologies, CMC wishes to solve the difficulties that notary offices are facing with CeNM, which aims to computerize notary operations, minimize risks and simplify professional maneuvers.


Civil servant recruiting software

The software supports the civil servant recruitment exams on computers, contributing to the improvement of quality of civil servant recruitment, ensuring the principles of being objective and fair in the recruitment. 


Human resources management and Payroll calculation software - CeHuman

CeHuman is the intellectual property of CMC TS which helps agencies and organizations to easily manage personnel information and thoroughly track the employment process. It also assists the process of timekeeping and automatic payroll calculation.


Internal inspection software

The internal inspection solution developed by CMC will help agencies to perform inspections properly. Agencies can easily manage the entire process of receiving and handling complaints and denunciations.


Case study

Electronic social insurance

The social insurance agency needs to digitalize declaration activities

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Case study

Tax declaration supporting software - HTKK

The need to reduce time for tax declaration

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