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Digital insurance provides companies with many opportunities

Digital insurance provides companies with many opportunities to quickly create innovative products and better manage risks. With knowledge and experience in deploying new technologies, CMC helps insurance companies in the digital transformation, increase efficiency and speed of deployment to the market


Full-package services for non-life insurance companies - CPC 

CPC (Property & Casualty Insurance Software) is a non-life insurance software developed by CMC based on IBM's Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) - the leading insurance architecture in the world. Bao Viet Insurance Corporation and United Insurance Company are the two big clients of CMC who are using this software.


Insurance - Hospital - Bank Connection Solution (Healthcare)

The Insurance - Hospital - Bank connection solution (Healthcare System) is a solution to create a smooth operational network to proactively manage insurance records, in order to help insurance companies to distribute and manage insurance contracts in details through a network of banks and hospitals.


Accounting solution for Non-life Insurance (CeIN)

CeIN is a comprehensive and full-package software solution developed by CMC for non-life insurance companies. The software is built on the model of linking between modules of insurance operations, accounting and invoices.


E-commerce and online sales system for insurance industry

E-commerce means a dynamic web with advanced extended features that allow online transactions, such as: shopping cart, ordering, payment processing, customer management, order management, etc. The e-commerce and online sales system aims to assist insurance companies in sales activities and customer approaching. The software allows insurance transactions to take place quickly and conveniently anywhere.


Web portal for Insurance industry - CMC Portal

CMC Portal assists insurance companies in the establishment of online insurance service platforms, centralized information management and execution of insurance transactions thanks to the feature of integrating applications according to the needs of companies.


Electronic social insurance declaration software 

Electronic social insurance declaration software helps insurance agencies to declare and submit online social insurance dossiers through the electronic transaction gateway of the social insurance agency. Businesses can carry out procedures anytime, anywhere. The electronic insurance documents are accepted by the insurance agency and are equivalent to the hard-copy documents submitted by the participants directly to the insurance agency. 


Case study

Deploying CPC software for Bao Viet

Challenges in non-life insurance operations

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