Deploying CPC software for Bao Viet


Challenges in non-life insurance operations:

Insurance operations are conducted manually, thus they are time-consuming, easy to encounter risks and cannot exploit business opportuninities well.

 Management and customer service capacity are not high, leading to low competitiveness and inability to expand the market.

The deployment and maintenance of the software system are still expensive and unsuitable


CMC offers a comprehensive solution to modernize the process

CPC (CMC Property & Casualty Insurance Software) is a non-life insurance software developed by CMC TS. CPC is developed on the IBM's Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) - the leading insurance architecture in the world.


The software includes a full range of supporting activities for non-life insurance operations, such as product management, customer management, agent management, inspection and compensation, reporting and analysis, etc. 

Increase business opportunities

Help modernize processes, increase business opportunities, reduce management time and costs in deploying and maintaining the system.