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Financial Services

Deploying technology solutions in the field of banking and finance for over 200 banks and financial institutions in Vietnam.

With a team of more than 500 experts from the North to the South and is a strategic partner of many leading technology companies in the world, CMC currently is deploying technology solutions in the field of banking and finance for over 200 banks and financial institutions in Vietnam.


Providing overall consultancy of solution for design of infrastructure and Contact Center

CMC has consulted the overall solution for infrastructure design based on Genesys' solution design, and overall system management for the largest Contact Center project in Vietnam of FE CREDIT.


Building synchronous IT solutions for stock exchanges

CMC has built a synchronous IT solution with comprehensive integration of operations of a stock exchange including: trading, clearing, deposit, registration, market monitoring, access points, disclosure and distribution of information in line with international practices and standards.


Deploying integrated IT solutions for financial systems

CMC implements the Microsoft 365 solution, providing a unique integrated technology solution designed for developing businesses, allowing employees to exchange, collaborate and complete the job in the most efficient way, as well as protecting data and managing IT system.


Digitization management solutions (ECM)

The ECM solution helps banks build centralized data warehouse, automate business processes, manage documents, records and related processes quickly and effectively, thus increase performance, better control operations and reduce costs.


Solutions for process automation: loan approval, payment approval

By automating the job management process through a common software, businesses will have a logical sequence of work arrangement, in which the important tasks are prioritized. The solutions includes: Loan creation and approval system; International payment approval system and trade finance; Professional debt management and collection system.


Solutions for credit risk management, scoring models

IT plays a crucial role in risk management. For example, the management of transactions and accounting by software will minimize the risks compared to manual management (which can easily go wrong, is difficult to monitor and detect incidents/frauds, etc.). The solutions include: Establishing smart scoring mechanism; Developing scoring models; Building and fine-tuning risk assessment models.


Data analytic solutions for business (BI, BA)

Understanding the important role of data in business and knowing a reasonable stop are data collection is essential. However, if one only knows how to collect data and make common comments, then it is really a waste of Big Data. Data reveals more secrets than businesses think. And for those hidden meanings to emerge quickly, nothing can replace the application of IT solutions.


Solutions for data loss prevention, system security and data protection 

This is a set of solutions to help businesses detect and prevent data leakage, allowing for quick data recovery, reducing the risk of data loss on important applications and helping the continuous operation of data.


Case study

Assisting Vietnam's largest Contact Center project

The Contact Center solution is a key technology project of FE CREDIT

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Case study

Building synchronous IT solutions for stock exchanges

Building a synchronous IT solution and comprehensive integration of operations for a stock exchange

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