Assisting Vietnam's largest Contact Center project for FE CREDIT 


The Contact Center solution is a key technology project of FE CREDIT

The Contact Center was launched from the end of 2016 to present and belongs to FE CREDIT's multi-channel service quality development and management strategy which aims to optimize costs, shorten information processing time, increase consultant productivity and improve interactive quality. 

This is also the largest Contact Center project in Vietnam up to date with 3.5 million phone calls per day, 4,500 agents and the complexity of multi-channel integration, integrating many existing system of the enterprise.


CMC TSSG has participated in the project as a general consultant of solutions ranging from infrastructure design based on Genesys solution design, to overall system administration from hardware to software for FE CREDIT.

The alternative for the old Contact Center system which could not guarantee expanded business operations, at the same time helps FE CREDIT to have a uniform platform and integrate in an "end-to-end" manner across 5 business divisions.


At the end of phase 1 of 2017, CMC TSSG has successfully deployed the unified multi-channel (Omni Channel) for FE CREDIT with 5 information business units including: voice, email, web chat, facebook and mobile app

Contact Center

In particular, the voice channel focuses on process automation and manipulation to help FE CREDIT optimize resources during peak times, thereby improve the operation efficiency of Contact Center.

Tính năng hỗ trợ

The system also supports Screen recording and call recording to improve service quality.