Building synchronous IT solutions for stock exchanges



Building a synchronous IT solution and comprehensive integration of operations for a stock exchange

Building a synchronous IT solution with comprehensive integration of operations including: trading, clearing, deposit, registration, market monitoring, access points, disclosure and distribution of information in line with international practices and standards.


CMC TSSG - a prestigious partner in providing system integration services in Ho Chi Minh City, has participated in a number of important items of the project such as: supplying hardware equipment, servers, network infrastructure system, storage system, support services for the entire system, etc. 

In which, the Data Center will consist of two systems, a main Data Center and a backup (at the Disaster Recovery Backup Center, used in the case the main Data Center suffers from catastrophic disasters. 

According to the Ministry of Finance's leadership, this is the most modern infrastructure platform in the field of securities in Vietnam, which helps to increase the ability to handle and meet the needs of continuous operation, ensuring  the stability of this sector's information systems and database. 

200 million USD

The largest project of the securities industry in Vietnam, which CMC TSSG participates in as a deployment partner


Project Start Date

5 năm

Deployment time