Operational operating system for the Government


The problem of managing and processing information of the Government?

A situation at state agencies and institutions is that 40% of time is spent looking for information and 67% of data is lost during the process of archiving and using information.
How to manage and exploit the huge amount of information that each agency and institution must process every day?


The comprehensive platform strictly complies with strict standards

Docman Plus is a software for management of documents, official dispatches and work documents as well as operations, creating a modern yet simple and friendly collaborative environment for information exchange between employees of the organization.
eDocman Plus is a comprehensive platform built on the basis of Sharepoint technology, which closely complies with the standards of Sharepoint and Microsoft, allowing the development and integration of many operational modules of businesses and organizations on Sharepoint. 


eDocman Plus customizes the work flows established at organizations, such as: quality control, official dispatch handling, sales, customer support, etc.


Save 40% of time spent looking for information 

Anytime, anywhere

Accessible anytime, anywhere via the most appropriate devices: email, text message, internal website, forum, chat room, etc.