iLib - Electronic library solution for universities

Vietnamese Universities


Universities in Vietnam have great demand for a library solution that can manage activities of the whole system

This is an integrated library system designed to meet the needs of domestic libraries, from Public Libraries, University Libraries, Specialized Libraries to Information Centers nationwide, with the ability to integrate and process Vietnamese language.


Remarkable features

Central System Administration:
Manage data of the whole system
Manage admin users/professional users of each library

Member library:
Manage documents of the member library
Manage readers of the member library
Search for documents across the whole system/in the system of each library.
Interface to organize data individually by each library.

Automation of business operations

iLib v5.0 fully automates functions and operational processes of the library information center. Operational functions are controlled by strict processes, creating an integrated system of functions.

Building control of information sources

An effective tool to build bibliographic and digital databases. Control quality of bibliographic records. Support 2-way data import and export for any electronic library system.

Posting information online

With Web and Internet integration, iLib v5.0 makes it easy for libraries to upload their archives online. A control mechanism is available for electronic publications. 

Support for modern library products and services

Support information export and convenient creation of reports. Building information products and services such as information search, borrowing requests, etc.


Support the library to exchange data with libraries inside and outside the system. Mining  online data, reusing the results of document processing.