Smart Factory Solution - MES

Samsung Factories in Vietnam


Cost problems for manufacturing activities at the Smart Factory

Thanks to MES, manufacturing businesses can capture all information generated at the production site in real time, thereby not only improving the production stage but also helping to make the most optimal decision to manage production operation.

However, businesses often hesitate because of cost issues, so MESalpha is developed to suit the production situation of each small and medium enterprise, helping to reduce input costs as well as production cost and improve product quality.


MES helps to collect and monitor data of the whole process, from the input of materials to warehouse to shipment of goods. 

MESalpha is structured as Modules: Work/report Module and Master Data/System Module to improve production efficiency and management efficiency.
The system is built on a platform dedicated to small and medium enterprises, thus shortening the time to build the system and can be quickly deployed at the production site.

Reasonable price

The product minimizes H/W and S/W costs with optimal system structure.


Customizable user interface (UI, OI): Standardized OI interface for convenience of the operator at work. Easy-to-use interface, user-focused menu structure.


Proven solution: First prize for "New Software" and First Prize for "IT Innovation" The product package is proven by clients from more than 100 businesses inside and outside Korea.