CMC Telecom

Bring comprehensive solutions (One-Stop-Shop) integrating telecommunications and information technology.

Owner of CVCS which connects across Southeast Asia and 03 Tier III neutral Data Centers with PCI-DSS certification.


Internet and data transmission

• Optical cable Internet - FTTx
• Internet Leased Line
• Point to Point connection
• Local and inter-provincial data transmission - MPLS VPN
• International private leasing channel - GEPL
• Data transmission for Carrier
• Internet for Carrier

Data Center

• Servers, virtual servers for lease, server colocation, DC space for lease
• Carrier Hotel
• Domain - Hosting - Email
• SSL Certificates
• Administration and monitoring services


Multi Cloud is a service that allows customers to manage many different "clouds" at different providers with direct and independent connection on only one administration page.

Value Added Services

• Virtual call center
• Voice IP with numbers starting with 710, 1900, 1800
• SMS Brand Name
• Voice OTP
• Office 365. Wifi Marketing