Announcement Re: Nomination and self – nomination of BOD’s members and BOS’s member for term from 2021 to 2026

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Respectfully to Shareholders of CMC Corporation,

As per our previous disclosure information, the Board of Directors of CMC Corporation received the Letter of Resignation submitted by Mr. Lee Jayseok – Current member of BOD, Mr. Kim Jung Wuk – Current member of BOD, and Mrs Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung - current member of BOS.
The resignation of above members shall be approved at Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2023. 02 new members of BOD and 01 new member of BOS shall be elected simultaneously in replacement with them for the remaining time of five-year term 2021 – 2026. To convene a well-prepared meeting, please send these above documents relating to nomination or self-nomination before July 15, 2023.
BOD respectfully inform shareholder/ group of shareholders who meet(s) criteria of BOD’s members in compliance with Law on Enterprise 2020 and Charter of Company to exercise your right to self-nominate or nominate a candidate.

Attached please find the following documents:
- 01 Member of BOD’s/BOS's self-nomination letter (click here to download)
- 01 Member of BOD’s/BOS's nomination letter (click here to download)
- 01 Resume (click here to download)
- 01 Certified Identification Card or Passport (applicable to Vietnamese nominee); or Legalized Passport (applicable to foreign nominee).

Please contact us at:
   Board of Shareholders' relationship – CMC Corporation
   Tel: 0243.795 8668 (Ext: 8647 or 8620)
 Detailing documents shall be published on our website: from July 5, 2023.

Best Regards,
CMC Corporation

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