CMC Cyber Security wins "Golden Key Awards 2022"

On 9 December in Hanoi, CMC Cyber Security Company was honored with the "Golden Key 2022" award by Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA).

Specifically, CMC CryptoShield software has been awarded the Golden Key in the category of "Excellent Prospective Information Security Products". CMC Cyber Security also made it to the "Top Vietnamese enterprises in information security inspection and evaluation" and "Top Vietnamese enterprises in information security monitoring and incident response" in the "Top Vietnamese enterprises" category.

"Golden Key Awards” aims to discover and honor excellent and representative Vietnamese Information Security (IT) products, solutions, services and enterprises; contributing to supporting trade promotion activities, enhancing competitiveness, expanding the market for enterprises, and responding to the national Digital Transformation program and the Government's "Make in Vietnam" strategy.

The "Golden Key" award is considered a specialized certificate of reliability, affirming and honoring the quality, superiority and effectiveness of information security products and services; as well as excellent Vietnam's information security enterprises.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung said that Ministry of Information and Communications is committed to always paying attention to and creating markets and demands for businesses.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (MIC) said: "This award is the initial step on the journey of mastering technology and the market of enterprises. The market in Vietnam is difficult and challenging. The key is that the rule of supply and demand must be followed; therefore, Vietnamese enterprises must create good and even better products comparing to foreign companies. The cyber security strategy by 2025 approved by the government is that 80% of Internet users in Vietnam are protected at a basic level. Ministry of Information and Communications would like enterprises to contribute to achieving this goal."

VNISA's 2022 Voting Program has selected and awarded the title of Golden Key to 26 outstanding information security products and services as well as 12 excellent information security companies in the country.

Mr. Vu Lam Bang, Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security receives the Golden Key 2022 award for CMC CryptoShield software.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, former Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, President of VNISA said: The "Golden Key Awards” aim to honor Vietnamese information security enterprises who have made great efforts and are gradually affirming the advantages of their "Make in Vietnam" information security products and services in terms of quality and ability to meet market demands.

The review and evaluation process of the sub-committees under the Voting Council is conducted as follows: reviewing dossiers, listening to reports and explanations of enterprises, directly conducting field survey and appraisal regarding information security products, services and solutions.

Mr. Ha The Phuong, CEO of CMC Cyber Security Company receives the Golden Key 2022 award for the category of "Top Vietnamese Enterprises".

“This award is a recognition for the hard work and efforts of CMC Cyber Security. The highlight of CMC products and services at the Golden Key Awards 2022 is that they are gaining a foothold in the market and receiving a lot of positive feedback from users in Vietnam. In addition, this year, the evaluation process is stricter and uses more internationals standards, which reminds companies to pay more attention to the output quality of their own products and services and close the gap between Vietnamese products and international counterparts,”said Mr. Ha The Phuong, CEO of CMC Cyber Security.

Following the success of previous years, the 2022 voting program has been kicked off nationwide since June 2022. The "Golden Key 2022" awards will be given to 04 categories of information security products, solutions and services, including: Excellent High Quality Information Security Products, Excellent Prospective Information Security Products, Exemplary IT Solutions for Digital Transformation and Exemplary Information Security Services.

This award is a recognition for the hard work and efforts of CMC Cyber Security.

In addition, this year, the program also awarded the title to 04 categories for Vietnamese information security enterprises, including: Top Vietnamese enterprises in inspection and evaluation of information security, Top Vietnamese enterprises in monitoring and response to information security incidents, Top Vietnamese enterprises in cryptography, authentication and digital signatures and Top enterprises in anti-malware and cyber counterattack.

2022 is the 7th time the voting program is launched and the 3rd year officially named "Golden Key". In the past years, the program has always attracted the cooperation, response and active participation of Vietnamese information security organizations and enterprises and the support of state management agencies on information security, especially the sponsorship of Ministry of Information and Communications as well as the coordination of Authority of Information Security.