CMC Global partners with Linkproject to promote global digital transformation

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony was held in Hanoi on March 14 to announce the partnership between CMC Global Co., Ltd.- a member of CMC Corporation, and Linkproject.

As part of a series of activities for business promotion in the Korean market, this event is a step to encourage the strategic cooperation between the two companies, with the ultimate goal of becoming providers of digital transformation consulting and deployment services for major clients in the Korean retail and e-commerce industries.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao - Executive Vice President/CEO of CMC Global, and Mr. Alex Kwon - CEO of Linkproject, sign the Memorandum of Understanding

As a result, Linkproject will join forces with CMC Global to help the latter establish connections with Korean retail and e-commerce businesses. Through this partnership, Vietnamese digital transformation products, services, and solutions will have more opportunities to interact with Korean enterprises in order to fulfill the goal of creating and offering IT services on a worldwide scale.

Representatives from CMC Global presenting at the signing ceremony were Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao - CEO of CMC Global /Executive Vice President of CMC Corporation, and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Giang - CMC Global's Director responsible for the Korean market. From Linkproject, there were Mr. Alex Kwon - CEO, and Mr. Patrick Kim - CEO of Tech Valley, a partner of Linkproject tasked with assisting CMC Global to establish business connections.


Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao - Executive Vice President/CEO of CMC Global speaks at the event

“As a partner of Linkproject, we are committed to doing our best to bring the most desirable business results to both companies”, said Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao at the ceremony. “As the 32nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea and the 31st anniversary of CMC Corporation are approaching, it is hoped that the collaboration between CMC Global and Linkproject will usher in a new era, support business endeavors and market expansion in Korea, and reaffirm CMC Global's leading position in providing digital transformation services", he added.

Mr. Alex Kwon - CEO of Linkproject expressed his joy at the partnership with CMC Global - one of Vietnam’s top digital transformation service providers. "Working with CMC Global, we expect to achieve rapid technological advances to serve the interests of customers globally in general and the Korean market in particular."

Recently, CMC Global concluded an MOU with Hongik IT - a preeminent company offering industrial and infrastructure services to major Korean enterprises. The cooperation with another Korean enterprise specializing in retail and e-commerce is proof of CMC Global's multidisciplinary vision. Given the positions, capabilities, and backgrounds of the two businesses, it is anticipated that the partnership would create a plethora of new business prospects, support the growth of digital transformation services, and supply top-notch IT personnel to the Korean and international markets


Prior to this signing ceremony, in early March 2023, Linkproject representatives met and worked with CMC Global's leaders, and were impressed by the company's capacity and scope of business in their areas of interest.

According to KoreaTimes, the South Korean government intends to invest $1.35 billion in new technology research and development for digital transformation. With a strong GDP growth rate and the government being particularly interested in information technology, this country presents an opportunity for CMC Global to make a name for itself in the region.

This year, CMC Global also intends to open a representative office in South Korea in order to attract new clients and broaden its business model in the nation and the region, said a representative of the company. This is part of CMC's efforts to meet its target of one billion dollars in revenue from international markets.

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