CMC immerses itself in the heart of digital transformation to create true values

In Vietnam, the tenth of October every year is also known as the National Digital Transformation Day according to a decision of the country's Prime Minister; through which, the Government determines the dual goal of developing Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society while establishing Vietnamese digital technology enterprises with the capability to compete on a global scale.

At the event to celebrate the National Digital Transformation Day 2023, CMC Corporation (CMC) has been honored as one of the leading enterprises with many positive contributions to the digital transformation of the country.

Leading the way, immersing in the heart of digital transformation
On the morning of 10 October, Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) kickstarted the annual National Digital Transformation Day celebration. The event was attended by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and representatives of related ministries, departments and agencies. This is the second year that this event has been held to encourage and grow national pride, as well as to awaken the spirit of innovation and creativity, in order to effectively implement programs and tasks for the successful digital transformation of the country.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts, determination and results achieved by all management levels, sectors, localities, business community and people, which have contributed critically to the national digital transformation.

Overview of the National Digital Transformation Day event in Hanoi

The Prime Minister affirmed that digital transformation is an inevitable trend that is transpiring strongly in the world. In Vietnam, the Government identifies digital transformation as one of the key tasks with the vision that by 2030, our country will become a digital country pioneering in testing new technologies and models, and at the same time developing a safe and widespread digital environment.

Over the past time, the work of national digital transformation, especially of digital database development in 2023 has had many positive and respectable achievements in terms of data sharing and connection, data exploitation to serve the needs of people and businesses, digital data infrastructure development, data digitalization, etc. Also, data connection has been established through the linking between information systems of the Government, the Prime Minister and 80 ministries, industries, localities and state-owned corporations, piloting daily and monthly data sharing from ministries and agencies to 15 localities for management and administration.

With the message of"Creating and exploiting digital data to create new values", at the National Digital Transformation Day event, the Prime Minister called for ministries, agencies and localities to focus on perfecting mechanisms and policies for digital infrastructure, digital platforms and digital human resources, in order to promote stable and sustainable digital database development. "The Government of Vietnam defines the dual goal of developing Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society while establishing Vietnamese digital technology enterprises with the capability to compete on a global scale; through which, realizing the aspiration for Vietnam to become a strong, prosperous and flourishing country, and for its people to be well-off and happy", said Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Assessing the current role of enterprises, the pioneering nature of leading digital technology companies in Vietnam, such as VNPT, Viettel, CMC, etc. is also reflected in the deployment of national and specialized databases, which contributes to the construction of digital platforms for businesses and promotes the growth of Vietnam's digital economy.

Approaching the digital transformation process, CMC has continuously welcomed and introduced new technology trends for a comprehensive digital transformation of government - society - economy. The ecosystem consisting of "Made by CMC" products, solutions, and platforms based on AI, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, etc. has been helping industries and organizations accelerate their digital transformation, increase productivity, and save on costs to bring high values to users.

Prime Minister Nguyen Minh Chinh appreciates the role of enterprises in the comprehensive digital transformation process

According to Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh - Chairman of Board of Directors/Executive President of CMC, digital transformation has become a journey to the future, where CMC is always aware of its pioneering role and mission towards the common goal of the country. "Here at CMC, we are burning with the desire to relentlessly put our efforts into promoting a complete digital transformation, thereby contributing to building Vietnam into a country with sustainable development, high life quality and strongly growing enterprises", Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh emphasized.

Vietnam is one of the first countries in the world to come up with a Government-approved thematic scheme on national digital transformation, which revolves around three pillars: digital government, digital economy and digital society. In particular, CMC is a leading corporation in assisting localities and organizations to transform digitally according to the Government's direction. At the same time, it also actively trains and develop human resources for digital technologies, both inside and outside Vietnam.

For the national digital transformation, CMC has provided products and solutions for broadband connection, data centers, cloud computing and information security to institutions and enterprises across the country. Towards the goal of establishing digital government, digital economy and digital society, for many years, CMC has been known as a front-runner with outstanding products and solutions, such as: Portals for public services; digital meeting rooms; executive document management systems; digital archives; solutions for digital ethnographic museum, digital education and digital tourism; tools for translation between national and ethnic languages, etc. Especially, in terms of digital economy, CMC has left its mark with a series of solutions, namely: E-commerce platform for agriculture, forestry and fishery, supporting system for distribution of agro-forestry products (using blockchain technology), etc.

At the event, a representative of MIC said: “In the last 30 years, CMC has developed into a big technology corporation with many proud digital legacies, such as the cross-Southeast Asia fiber optic cable route, or Tan Thuan Data Center. In particular, CMC Global has progressed rapidly after only 6 years of development and made it to the Top 2 software export enterprises in Vietnam, realizing the aspiration to bring Vietnam's IT products, solutions and services to the international market.

On the National Digital Transformation Day, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung also pointed out that this is an opportunity to raise everyone's awareness of the significance, role and meaning of digital transformation to their lives in particular and to the economic, cultural and social development of the country in general. "The National Digital Transformation Day is a day for all of us to study together and make efforts to act together", the Minister emphasized.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung speaks at the National Digital Transformation Day celebration

Assuming the leading role in digital transformation, Ministry of Information and Communications has also issued a guideline for ministries, agencies and localities to use and popularize the brand identity of National Digital Transformation Day 2023.

Leveraging technological strengths to create and build true values
Over the course of more than 30 years, CMC has constantly pioneered in new technology trends to innovate and upgrade its Made by CMC technology ecosystem. The corporation aims to promote all three pillars of the national digital transformation: digital economy, digital society and digital government.

"Technology enterprises in Vietnam have to be the ones to take the initiative in the national digital transformation. This is both an obligation and a noble mission which requires our solidarity and unanious efforts to perform well. Only then will Vietnam quickly catch up and grow with the world", said Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh - Chairman of Board of Directors/Executive President of CMC.

Chairman of Board of Directors/Executive President of CMC Nguyen Trung Chinh affirms that digital transformation is inevitable for enterprises to attain sustainable development

As the youngest member of CMC Corporation, CMC Global is affirming its leading position with brilliant developments, becoming a well-known company in exporting software and IT services to realize the aspiration to conquer the national digital transformation journey. On that foundation, the company aims to have 7,500 IT talents, to do business on a global scale, to earn a revenue of 300 million USD (50% of which comes from digital transformation services) and to become a world-class digital transformation service provider of the region by 2025.

In 2016, CMC Corporation started a strategy to penetrate the international market by establishing a department for software export with 50 employees. To date, the company has over 3,000 employees working at 10 offices in Vietnam and major markets around the world. As part of the overall strategy of the Corporation, in addition to the three key markets of Japan, South Korea and Asia-Pacific, CMC Global also proactively seeks new business development opportunities and spaces and prioritizes investment in in-depth development of digital technology and digital transformation.

"Despite being a young company, we have very seasoned personnel with a decade of experience in the field of technology, especially in software development, which truly helps us to quickly catch up with the world. Not to mention that having our back is the 30-year-old CMC Corporation with strong reputation and clear vision to catch up with technology trend and create good motivation, which allows CMC Global to penetrate the international market quite smoothly", said Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao - CEO of CMC Global.

In order to meet the security needs as well as the scale of international projects, CMC Global has built three Global Delivery Centers (GDC) in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. These GDCs, combined with information security certificates in accordance with ISO 9001/2015, ISO 27001/2013 and CMMi level 3 standard ensure personnel quality and information security to create global standard quality for technology projects. CMC Global now has nearly 200 AWS-certified cloud solution engineers.

CMC Global's markets around the world

Accompanying many businesses, organizations and government agencies for nearly 30 years, CMC Technology and Solution (CMC TS) is rising to the top in consulting and implementing digital transformation and cloud computing solutions.

"Customer experience and service thinking are the most important strategic development directions of CMC Corporation with the desire to bring the latest technologies and best quality IT solutions and services to customers, accompanying organizations and enterprises to successfully implement digital transformation", said Mr. Ho Thanh Tung, CEO of CMC Corporation and CMC TS.

Many critical projects have been successfully implemented by CMC TS over the years. In April 2023, CMC TS partnered with ABBank and Backbase to transform digital banking experience for millions of customers in Vietnam. In early 2023, CMC TS also successfully deployed SAP Business One for DOJI Group- a milestone in the digital transformation journey of this jewelry enterprise.

Desiring to become the No.1 digital transformation and cloud computing service provider in Vietnam, CMC TS has had a strategy in place to promote digital transformation services and industry-focused solutions, such as digital banking & finance, smart manufacturing and solutions to improve customer experience. In addition, the company also focuses on providing cloud computing and security services.

Mr. Ho Thanh Tung - CEO of CMC Corporation and CMC TS  determines that accompanying organizations and businesses in their digital transformation is the mission of CMC

In the cause of assisting enterprises to successful digital transformation, CMC Telecom has been taking the lead and coming up with successful stories in sectors of Banking-Finance, Retail, Distribution, Logistic as well as other multinational corporations. 

With its open infrastructure ecosystem - C.OPE2N - CMC Corporation aims to digitally transform Vietnamese enterprises and organizations. Launched in April 2019, up to now, C.OPE2N has made critical contributions to the digital transformation of both domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations.

At the forefront of providing digital transformation services and digital services to the region and the world, CMC Telecom has prepared connectivity infrastructure as well as fast and automated digitalization roadmap, ready to serve a large number of enterprises in need of digital transformation. CMC Telecom does not stand alone; its foundation is an ecosystem of domestic and foreign digital transformation products.

“We always strive to understand the needs and desires of businesses, and are always willing to listen and recommend the right solution package to customers. In particular, CMC Cloud is a "Make in Vietnam" product that fully meets technical standards of the industry, promising to be the optimal solution for the rapid and effective digital transformation required by enterprises", Mr. Dang Tung Son – Deputy CEO of CMC Telecom affirmed.

As one of the "youngest" members of CMC Corporation, CMC Applied Technology Institute (CMC ATI) has made a big move with the creation of 20 core technologies, thereby developing an AI ecosystem for digital transformation. As a result, in May 2023, CMC ATI received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Information and Communications for its outstanding achievements in the cause of building and developing Vietnam's information and communications industry. Also in 2022, CMC ATI finished in the first place at the Artificial Intelligence Solution Contest with C-ORC, a solution for comprehensive digitalization and digital transformation of documents and papers in image format. Notably, CMC TS also received the "Partner of the Year" award from VEEAM, becoming one of the leading cloud consulting and service providers in Vietnam.

CMC Applied Technology Institute stands out at events for comprehensive digitalization and digital transformation solutions

Just two years after its establishment, CMC's digital university has managed to build its image and prestige, attracting great interest from parents, students, enterprises and international universities from Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc. In the 2023 entrance examination, over 7,000 candidates applied for CMC University; 1,000 of which has been admitted to the second intake at the university - an increase of 75% compared to 2022. Also, the institution is also a pioneering digital university model in Vietnam. To date, management processes and operations as well as student services at CMC University have all been conducted on a digital platform.

At the 2023 General Meeting of Shareholders, CMC Corporation sent a message to transform itself from an IT service provider into a comprehensive digital transformation solution provider. In CMC's vision, digital transformation is inevitable for the corporation to sustainably develop. CMC has also affirmed its position as a leading technology firm of Vietnam in the international arena by signing many comprehensive and high-value digital transformation consulting contracts with leading global corporations. According to its strategic orientation, CMC strives for the creation and constant innovation of a complete digital ecosystem that best meets the needs of Vietnamese people, having a hand in turning Vietnam into a digital nation./.