CMC Japan organizes the first Business Japanese course for engineers

Towards the goal of training high-quality human resources and enhancing the core value of the business, CMC Japan is actively arranging for courses and workshops in many fields. In which, the most notable is the first Business Japanese course which starts on April 17 and ends on August 5.

Dubbed "the first shot", this Business Japanese course brings together a team of native teachers with nearly 20 years of teaching Japanese to Vietnamese and a group of experienced teaching assistants. Classes are organized on a moderate scale in order to maximize learners’ experience and help them to:

  • Improve communication and presentation skills at work
  • Improve IT vocabulary and grammar structures that are often used at work
  • Boost their confidence and fluency when using Japanese at work
  • Have enough knowledge to discover more about work culture in Japan by themselves

With the goal of constantly improving service and people quality, all training programs of CMC Japan are smartly designed and focus on practical skills, such as Japanese skills, project management skills and knowledge of technology for effective application at work.

CMC Japan expects this course to become useful for the life and work of its engineers, thereby encourage the company to organize more practical training courses to help CMC Global employees in Japan improve their self-worth everyday as well as for the company to affirm its position and value in the Japanese marketplace.