CMC joins Operation Smile in funding 29 smile surgeries for children

On the morning of June 20, 2022, representatives of CMC attended the event of the charity surgery program for patients born with cleft lip and palate at Vietnam - Cuba Hospital. At the event, CMC donated the cost of surgery to 29 children who are unfortunately suffering from the deformities, equivalent to 290 million VND.

The event was held by Operation Smile Vietnam in collaboration with Vietnam - Cuba Hospital and sponsors, with the desire to bring new smiles to children across the country.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luu - Head of Marketing & Communications of the Corporation hopes that with the support from CMC, many children can continue their dreams. "According to statistics, there are 2,500 surgeries needed to be performed every year for children born with cleft lip and palate in Vietnam. These conditions are a misfortune for their families. The cost of 10 million VND per each operation is not too much for middle-class and well-off families. However, to those in difficult circumstances, it's a fortune for them to spend. "45 minutes of surgery at the cost of about 10 million VND can give the children a new life, help them to be confident and better integrate to life and contribute to society. That's why we decide to help them have a better life. In particular, the program is even more meaningful when we are accompanied by nearly 2,500 runners being both employees and customers of CMC to spread words about and contribute to the program" said Mr. Luu.

It is expected that this time, around 120 children will receive surgeries for cleft closure and bone grafting (which is nearly 3 times higher than before). Previously, when COVID-19 had yet spread to our country, Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Hospital  often organized free consultation and examinations for children with birth defects every month. "The number of patients registered this time increased by more than 200%. Patients qualified for the surgery will have 100% of their food, travel and accommodation expenses covered. We, the medical staff of the hospital, always enthusiastically and wholeheartedly participate in this program, especially on the occasion of the month of action for children. The medical team is completely confident to master this technique in order to bring smiles to children,” Dr. Nguyen Dinh Phuc, MD - Director of Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Hospital said.

In addition to the support from the hospital, Operation Smile and National Fund for Vietnamese Children also send volunteers to help the children and their families during their stay at the hospital. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien - Deputy Director of the National Fund for Vietnamese Children ensures that the organization will always accompany doctors to carry out such meaningful programs.

This is the second year in a row that CMC holds a running event to support Operation Smile. In 2021, i.e. the 28th anniversary of the Corporation, its Inspiring Run CMC 28 event attracted more than 2,000 runners; as a result, fund was raised to help 28 children born with cleft lip and palate to undergo surgery.