CMC Telecom and the journey to transform into a converged service provider

Starting by providing transmission services, CMC Telecom has soon successfully transformed itself into a converged service provider and a strong brand in the market.

Over 15 years of its establishment, at each point of time, CMC Telecom has had its own direction and left its mark in areas that the company is operating in. As an internet service provider, in 2017, CMC Telecom deployed the Cross Vietnam Cable System (CVCS) to connect to the Southeast Asian land cable network (A-Grid). This is also the first time that Vietnam has a land cable system that directly connects to the Southeast Asia rim, passing through 5 countries of Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. As the only telecom infrastructure company of Vietnam with foreign shareholder (TIME dotCom - Top2 telecom group in Malaysia), CMC Telecom has gradually invested in expanding connectivity infrastructure network to countries in the region and the world.

Having been invested in by CMC Telecom since 2018, CMC Cloud continuously maintains a compound growth rate of over 100% in 5 years, remaining the No.1 cloud computing platform in Vietnam. In May 2022, CMC Telecom put Tan Thuan Data Center (in Ho Chi Minh City) to operation. The DC covers an area of 10,000 m2 with 1,200 racks of large power capacity (up to 20kw/rack). Tan Thuan Data Center is considered the most modern and secure data center in Vietnam and APAC region.

According to Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy CEO/Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of CMC Telecom, CMC Corporation in general and CMC Telecom in particular can hardly compete with other big names in terms of scale and the time of entering the market. Therefore, the company differentiates itself by putting efforts into meeting the needs of customers and creating strengths from the fiery spirit of its staff.

CMC Telecom: Hành trình chuyển mình trở thành nhà cung cấp dịch vụ hội tụ - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy CEO/Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of CMC Telecom

‘Catch up with market trends and invest early'

Becoming a leading name in digital infrastructure and cloud computing technology is the success of nearly 1,000 officers and employees of CMC Telecom, as well as the pride of leaders of the Corporation. However, according to Mr. Dang Tung Son, this should be seen as the result of a long preparation process and an on-point investment strategy.

"Our digital service business, which was started in 2020, now accounts for 40% of our total revenue. It may be luck that our company made an early move to transform when we realized how competitive the market is and how demanding the customers are becoming, but the truth is that, before long, this transformation has been prepared for. It really took us many years to get ready for the changes in our operating strategy and business model," said Mr. Dang Tung Son.

In 2015, as it realized that converged services had become inevitable, despite being a young telecommunication service provider, CMC Telecom already dared to make huge investments of hundreds of billions for Cloud infrastructure and trillions for Data Center. Along with that was the preparation of personnel, switching from pure telecommunication workers to a team of qualified personnel with expertise in technology, as well as constantly increasing the number of technicians for cloud computing and large system operation.

As early as 2017-2018, the company proposed to Ministry of Information and Communications its aspiration to turn Vietnam into a Digital Hub of the Asia-Pacific and the world for data gathering and internet traffic of telecommunication, IT and digital content service providers in neighboring countries and the region, as well as to soon bring data created by Vietnamese people to store in Vietnam. "To realize this goal, it is necessary to build large-scale, modern and secure data centers. Also, it is needed to invest in a lot of undersea cable systems connecting to such data centers," said Deputy CEO Dang Tung Son, adding that the company already had a roadmap in place to realize this goal.

 Aiming to develop its personnel to meet its core values and for its products and services to meet international standards, to date, CMC Telecom has had a team of high-quality engineers with international qualifications. Currently, 2 out of 10 Vietnamese experts who hold CDCE (Certified Data Center Expert) certificate - the world's most advanced certificate for professionals in Data Center design and construction - are working in the DC operation team of CMC Telecom. With the knowledge and skills required to gain CDCE, these experts are of the highest level to appraise, design, build and operate Data Center in accordance with international standards.

Tan Thuan DC is the first DC to be certified by PCI DSS and TVRA - the highest security and risk prevention requirements for DC. This is also the first DC in Vietnam to officially own Uptime's Tier III certification in terms of both design and construction of data center: TCDD (Tier III Certification Design Documents) and TCCF (Tier III Certification Constructed Facility).