CMC Telecom certified by Google as the first and only Premier Partner of Google Cloud in Vietnam

On 28 May 2021, Google's Partner system officially named CMC Telecom as the first Sell Premier Partner of Google in Vietnam. Accordingly, CMC Telecom is also the only Vietnamese network operator up to this point that is certified as a Premier Partner of Google Cloud globally.

According to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) system, there are a total of 03 levels: Member, Partner, and the highest - Premier. In order to level up, experts of CMC Telecom must obtain at least 20 certificates after being trained and tested directly by Google system in sales, sales consulting and technical support. In addition to the competence of the human resources, CMC Telecom also needs to grow its sales revenue to the level challenged by Google, and have actual successful service deployment for clients to prove its eligibility to be leveled up. 

Lightning speed in action

A representative of Google said that CMC Telecom acted very quickly and was leveled up after only 4 months. Large clients to which CMC Telecom has successfully deployed services, such as REE Corporation, VNPay, Rikkeisoft, etc. have proven that CMCMC Telecom's sales and technical teams are exceptional and professional.

Previously, in January 2021, CMC Telecom was also leveled up from Sell Partner to Service Partner 3 months ahead of schedule, breaking the record.  According to information from CMC Telecom, after gaining the Sell Premier Partner certificate, the company will proceed to conquer the title of Service Premier.

Customers to enjoy special price incentives with premium quality

Mr. Dang Tung Son, DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom said: “The fact that CMC Telecom becomes a global Premier Partner of Google Cloud not only helps our customers to receive in-depth advice and the best incentives for products and services in the Google Cloud ecosystem, but also is the commitment of Google and CMC Telecom to accompany them throughout the process of digital transformation”.

Mr. Dang Tung Son- DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom

As a Converged Services Provider (CSP), CMC Telecom aims to provide professional and high-end services with a diverse service ecosystem platform for businesses with digital transformation needs. The choice to become a partner at the highest level of Google Cloud is also part of its CSP and multi-cloud strategy in order to bring the most useful and practical values to businesses in different segments around the world.

Google - The platform for rapid digital transformation

Google Cloud Platform, abbreviated as GCP and provided by Google, is a cloud computing platform that allows organizations and businesses to create, build and run their applications on a Google-created system. Popular Google applications using Google Cloud Platform that are currently very popular include: Youtube, Chrome, Google Apps, Google Maps, Google Search, etc. In addition to being a set of management tools, it also offers a wide range of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning.

Mr. Le Anh Vu, CIO of CMC Telecom said: “Google Cloud Platform aims to help users solve all problems in an enterprise with the One Google approach, from coming up with business ideas to deploying, developing, and integrating (Compute, Data, Serverless, etc.) and Sales Marketing (Google Search, Google Ads, Youtube). Businesses using Google Cloud Platform will only need to focus on building the above application, serving their own interests.”

Mr. Le Anh Vu (white shirt, right) in an event jointly held by Google Cloud and CMC Telecom

In 2020, the CMC Cloud service of CMC Telecom received the "Most Innovative Cloud Service Provider" award by International Finance Magazine (IMF), UK . Accordingly, CMC Cloud is capable of connecting to Cloud services of Google, Microsoft and AWS through a single multi-cloud administration portal.