CMC TS: Leading the way to achieve the goal of national digital transformation

Founded in 2019, CMC Technology & Solution Co., Ltd. (CMC TS) inherits more than 31 years of development experience of CMC – one of the top technology corporations in Vietnam. CMC TS has been consistently enhancing and combining its capabilities to generate a variety of resources and capacity, thereby satisfying all of the demands of the market and consumers.

From a strong technological base...

CMC TS began as a traditional System Integration (SI) company and has the necessary skills to provide the finest customer experience and offer businesses optimal and effective solutions by drawing on years of cumulative experience in providing services and solutions.

Throughout its journey, CMC TS has made continuous investments to broaden its partner network and enhance service quality. At the moment, CMC TS is a senior partner of Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Oracle, Dell Technologies, HPE, as well as more than 150 other technology firms. Experts from CMC TS have implemented more than 2000 IT projects across all industries, and more than 90% of which were completed on schedule.

Regarding the company's next development strategy, Mr. Pham Ngoc Bac - Acting CEO of CMC TS said that CMC TS will prioritize making significant investments in both human and technological capacity, remain adaptable to market trends, and stay consistent with the objective of contributing to the nation's economic development, underlining that "CMC TS is constantly striving, focusing on the goal of innovation and optimization of operational processes and production to ensure the best results, towards the goal of fast and sustainable development".

... to emerging as a top provider of digital transformation consulting and deployment services

On 3 June 2020, the Prime Minister adopted the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025 with orientation to 2030". The program includes goals for developing digital government, digital economy, and digital society. With the expertise of an established technology company, CMC TS has developed into a top supplier of deployment and advisory services for digital transformation, supporting organizations and agencies as they carry out their national missions.

One of CMC TS's strengths is its staff of industrial and technological professionals. The experts at CMC TS possess extensive and varied experience, which enables them to provide comprehensive solutions and advice to attend to all needs and address customer difficulties.

"Most businesses are aware that digital transformation will bring great values, such as improved performance, revenue growth, sustainable competitive advantage, etc. But, they have always struggled with what to change and how to change it to create such values during the digital transformation process. Recognizing these challenges, our team of professionals has created a framework and guiding processes for digital transformation in addition to offering tools and solutions that our clients can rapidly implement into their business operations”, said Mr. Le Minh, Chief Technology Officer of CMC TS.

In addition to industry perspectives, CMC TS also engages in research and development of numerous digital transformation solutions for organizations, with Big Data, AI Genes, and AI Camera being notable examples. In particular, CiVAMS - CMC's AI camera solution - performed exceptionally well and was included in the VIIE 2023 Top 12 Best Innovative Solutions. Another software - CMC Notary, was also recognized by Ministry of Information and Communications as one of the Top 10 Outstanding Make in Vietnam digital products for the Digital Society in December 2023.

Digital transformation of offices is one of CMC TS's most prosperous business areas. Products from CMC Solutions, like C-Sign and C-Contract software, have been used by over 500 clients. The C-Contract solution was listed among the Top 10 Make in Vietnam Digital Solutions in 2022. C-Contract was introduced to the market in January 2021, during a time when the Covid epidemic was still complicated. It serves a variety of purposes for digital signatures, including transactions between individuals, government and bank activity, stocks trading, insurance, and more.

In the field of DX/CX, CMC TS is committed to enhancing customers' and end users' digital experiences by offering solutions such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CX (Multi-channel Customer Experience Management Platform). As cloud computing has evolved, CMC TS now offers cutting-edge, safe, and adaptable cloud services from well-known tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, and others. With numerous outstanding honors, including Best Cloud Computing Service Provider in Vietnam 2022 and Top 10 Microsoft Solution Providers in Asia Pacific 2021, CMC TS has solidified its standing and reputation.

Legal compliance is not only a necessary predicate but also a determining element for the long-term viability of businesses in the setting of a competitive economy. In order to create a positive business environment, CMC TS makes sure all of its operations adhere to legal requirements while also concentrating on firmly establishing its capabilities.

With a strong desire to expand and engage with the global community, CMC TS is unwavering in its pursuit of becoming a thriving enterprise that can play a significant role in the building of a strong Vietnam. CMC TS has made it their mission to lead the digital transformation for partners and clients in Vietnam and around the world.