CMC TSSG is the only "Gold Partner" and "Service Delivery Partner" of ForeScout in Vietnam

Recently, CMC Sai Gon Technology and Solution Co., Ltd. (CMC TSSG) has officially been certified by ForeScout as its only "Gold Partner" and "Service Deliver Partner" for security solutions in Vietnam.

This event marks a new step forward, affirming the pioneering mission of CMC TSSG in providing advanced security solutions and services in the market to customers.

CMC TSSG is the only enterprise in Vietnam to be recognized as "Gold Partner"

CMC TSSG is the only enterprise in Vietnam to be recognized as "Gold Partner" and "Service Delivery Partner" of ForeScout. Gold Partner is the highest level to deliver all ForeScout security services.

Meanwhile, Service Delivery Partner is a landmark certification for CMC TSSG in the competitive information technology market. This title is also a testament to the standardization of professional capacity and investment in key human resources of CMC TSSG.

Mr. Luu Ba Dung, Chief Sales Officer of CMC TSSG said: "Becoming Gold Partner and Service Delivery Partner of ForeScout has affirmed the position and reputation of CMC TSSG as a leading partner in providing and deploying security solutions and services. In the near future, we hope that CMC TSSG will achieve certifications at higher level, such as Platinum Partner to further promote the delivery of ForeScout's security services in Vietnam."


This title of "Service Deliver Partner" is a testament to the standardization of professional capacity and investment in key human resources of CMC TSSG.

To be granted this certification, CMC TSSG's personnel must pass an assessment test for deployment capacity from Channel Director APJ and Technical Services Director APJ of Forescout. At the same time, its engineers must also earn the most advanced certification of Forescout, FSCE (Forescout Certified Expert).

FSCE is one of the most difficult-to-earn information security certifications in the industry. The certification requires an engineer to have not only a deep understanding of Forescout, but also extensive experience in consulting and deploying large-scale projects. In particular, engineers also have to pass an 8-hour Lab exam with a complex system under the supervision of Forescout's coaches. This is also the clearest proof of the capacity and qualifications of CMC TSSG engineers, which assure customers of the quality of services that the company is providing.

CMC TSSG engineers have to go through a lot of challenges and pressures to receive ForeScout titles.

To expand its network and reach more potential customers, ForeScout has built a global network of partners including CMC TSSG. The titles of "Gold Partner" and "Service Delivery Partner" embody the appreciation and commitment to long-term cooperation between CMC TSSG and ForeScout. 

ForeScout is a world prestigious provider of business security services and solutions, pioneering in monitoring, supervising and managing all network access in real time and supporting automatic security enhancement.

CMC TS – Leading enterprise in information technology solutions

CMC Technology & Solutions (CMC TS) is formed by combining the experience and capacity of 4 member companies from CMC Corporation, namely: CMC Saigon System Integration Co.,Ltd. (CMC SISG) - predecessor of CMC TSSG, CMC System Integration Co.,Ltd. (CMC SI), CMC Software Solution Co.,Ltd. (CMC Soft), and CMC Information Security JSC (CMC Cyber Security).

CMC TS is positioned as a service provider for consulting and deploying digital transformation and business management solutions in a comprehensive way. CMC maintains the highest position and has earned certifications of many big technology companies such as Samsung SDS, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc., ensuring to support customers to access the most advanced technology solutions.

CMC TS owns 2 Security Operations Centers (SOC) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to ensure international standard security service quality. CMC TS also invests in research and development to build an ecosystem of interactive technology products in five areas: Internet of Things/Smart Devices, Bigdata, artificial intelligence (AI), Datalake, and Blockchain - Security.

For more inquiries regarding services and solutions of CMC TSSG, see (hyperlink: Homepage - CMC TSSG ) or call hotline number 18001070 and email to