CMS cooperates with Samsung Vina to launch Samsung Flip 2

On 8 November 2019, Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd., in cooperation with CMC Manufacturing and Service Co., Ltd. (CMS Co., Ltd.) and other partners, held a presentation for the launch of Flip 2 and smart solution systems for meetings and training.

Samsung Flip 2, the latest generation of interactive display from Samsung

Samsung Flip 2 continues to bring the same pen-to-paper-like writing experience, which is Flip's strength, to a new level and almost without delay. In addition to being a smart interactive display, Samsung Flip 2 now supports superior connectivity, allowing file and image sharing through diverse wired and wireless protocols, suitable for all equipment. Samsung Flip 2 is really a tool to help optimize productivity, stimulate creativity and collaboration, and is suitable for many environments such as offices, classrooms or creative works.


"As a leading enterprise in the field of dedicated displays in the world, Samsung continues to come up with breakthrough products for businesses, education and more. We believe that Samsung Flip 2 is the useful tool to help users quickly grasp and easily share ideas with each other, thus improve productivity and work efficiency. It is possible to say that there is no limit to the flexibility brought to users by Samsung Flip 2”, said Ms. Nguyen Y Mai - Deputy General Director of Samsung Vina Electronics.

Smooth writing and drawing, versatile connectivity

At the presentation, Samsung demonstrated  breakthrough features of Flip 2. It is the interactive display with the fastest recognition of handwriting in the market, which offers many options such as drawing or writing in oil pastel mode or watercolor mode, writing in bold or thin characters depending on the thickness of the writing tool, allowing free notes on documents or images displayed on the screen, quickly transferring data from mobile devices, computers, servers or USB as well as sending completed work to email addresses, printers, USB, etc., and ensuring strict confidentiality of stored information.

A smart and comprehensive solution for meetings and training

One of the trends of modern meetings and training is the application of technology to create effective and creative group work sessions and study time that allow the connection of various spaces. Samsung - the leading electronics company in the world, who is always at the forefront with breakthrough ideas and technologies, together with CMS - a company specializing in providing and distributing prestigious IT solutions - did not miss that trend. They jointly researched and combined Flip 2 with useful software to create a comprehensive solution for offices and classrooms.

When purchasing Samsung Flip 2, educational institutions can choose to integrate iuPlus - a software system of interactive lectures offered by iuEdu Software Company, which provides teachers with many tools, effects and games for the lessons, helping teachers and students to have vivid class hours and inculcate knowledge.  In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, nearly 1,000 classrooms - equivalent to 40,000 students and teachers – use the software and lectures of iuEdu. It means hundreds of thousands of exciting lessons have been brought to hundreds of thousands of children in preschools, primary schools and other educational institutions. When combined with Samsung Flip, it's more convenient for iuPlus lectures to be interactive than ever. Teachers and students can easily discuss, edit, take notes, share lessons and assignments of students to parents, increasing connectivity between the school, family and students.

Furthermore, Samsung and CMS have combined Flip 2 with online conferencing solutions of other partners such as Zoom (USA) and Logitech (Switzerland) to create dynamic and effective online working and learning sessions, allowing connection anytime, anywhere, with sharp 4K image quality, clear sound, interactivity, free drawing and writing in order to best meet the needs of distance education and businesses with multiple affiliates or partners.

In addition, to create a flexible connection method, Flip 2 is also combined with wePresent (Barco)- a wireless projection device, helping users to conveniently share content from personal devices, including both iOS (Apple), Chromebook or Android devices to Flip and vice versa, providing the perfect collaborative experience for meeting rooms, classrooms, or anywhere that people work together.

Samsung Flip 2, integrated with an intelligent solution system for meetings and training, is distributed exclusively in Vietnam by CMS, with the desire to create an innovative and effective working and learning environment for all organizations and businesses.