Service orientation to help Vietnamese businesses with digital transformation in 2021

On the positive side, the cloud market is growing at a rapid rate thanks to the nudge of the Covid-19 epidemic. According to a market research report by Canalys, the global cloud computing market in the third quarter of 2020 increased 33% compared to the same period last year, reaching US$36.5 bn, which was $2 bn higher than the previous second quarter.

In a session of experience sharing with businesses and the media earlier this year, Mr. Le Anh Vu - Creative Director of CMC Telecom gave an optimistic view of the domestic cloud market as the company achieved a three-figure growth rate last year. He determined: In 2021, the domestic cloud computing market will continue to be more active with the "strong entry" of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and even individual business households. The push for digital transformation from the State and the maturity of domestic cloud computing companies, such as CMC Cloud, VNPT Cloud, VNG Cloud, etc. will become the premises to speed up the process of "reaching to the cloud".

Mr. Le Anh Vu also said that the next scenario will be the capability to exploit and promote the power of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications right on cloud platform. This is a suitable step for SMEs to shorten their digital transformation roadmap with reasonable price and monthly payments. Currently, domestic cloud-based ecosystems are also ready and gradually improving to provide a variety of applications from both domestic and international developers. However, in 2021, SaaS applications that bring obvious benefits of revenue optimization for businesses will be prioritized for development. Those include CRM applications, Contact Center software for customer service, multi-channel sales support software Omnichannel, etc.

A new highlight of Vietnamese cloud companies is the ability to provide an open infrastructure ecosystem for partners and businesses. Accordingly, small and medium enterprises and start-ups in technology applications can take advantage of open cloud infrastructure ecosystems such as CMC Open Cognitive Platform to immediately deploy and test projects of Big Data, AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc. without needing to spend for infrastructure investment as before.

For businesses in the fields of Finance - Banking, E-commerce, Retail or Logistics, according to experts, AI applications that exploit the power of Big Data are on top of their investment portfolio to improve all customer touch points in a digital environment, optimize marketing channels and thus "deliver just the right thing."

According to Dr. Dang Minh Tuan - founder of Vietkey and Director of CIST (CMC Institute of Science and Technology): Recently at CIST, there have been many projects to support large enterprises to maximize the power of Big Data. Notably, there is the data source analysis project for social insurance agencies which reached the number of 120 million records. Especially, in recent years, the Chatbot tool has been able to achieve "higher wisdom" with the ability to give advice for legal matters, tax, health and healthcare based on knowledge database. With these achievements, in 2021, based on the utilization of domestic cloud platforms, SMEs can also quickly apply these AI solutions at a reasonable cost.

According to Dr. Dang Minh Tuan, the successful deployment of AI solutions to exploit the value of Big Data from large corporations will create conditions for SMEs to learn and utilize in the future

However, according to Gartner statistics, after a year of applying remote working methods, the number of workstations with external internet connection increased by 127%. Explaining more about this number, Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security said: This will greatly increase the risks that hackers can exploit to attack from these devices. Therefore, securing the connection from endpoints to cloud data centers should be strengthened. You may want to look into CMC Cloud - 1 of 5 standard cloud platform that serves e-Government. The provider will integrate managed security services right at the infrastructure, for example: managed security for Endpoints, managed web application firewall, etc. Accordingly, administrators can easily access and use endpoint protection technologies, firewall applications, etc. Or an authorization service can be engaged for management/operation in case the administrator has no security expertise.

Mr. Ha The Phuong (second from the right) talks about security trends in 2021.

In 2021, with the SMEdx Program activated by Ministry of Information and Communications, there will be an additional 50,000 SMEs to access and use digital platforms for production and business activities. With the support of domestic technology institutions and success stories from previous businesses, we will come up with stronger and more sustainable steps to digital transformation in the coming period.