Experts reveal how to digitally transform education with Google Cloud

On the morning of November 11, CMC Telecom in cooperation with Google held a webinar on "Education in digital transformation with Google Cloud" on the Google Meet platform for enterprises.

In the era of Industry 4.0, schools, training institutions and enterprises applying modern technology and transforming education will quickly reach the finish line in terms of attracting students, teaching and training. At the webinar, leading experts from CMC Telecom and Google shared lessons learned from accompanying thousands of customers in the education sector to successfully implement digital transformation, thus ensuring education quality, improving efficiency and productivity of management, enrollment, and training, and serving the diverse needs of education sector in the digital environment.

"Education in digital transformation with Google Cloud" webinar

At the webinar, education enterprises will have the opportunity to access technology solutions to support digitalization and overall management, improve productivity of management, enrollment and training, and enhance business efficiency. 

Starting the seminar, Mr. Dang Thanh Son - Technical Director of Google's Government & Education arm in Vietnam introduced Google Cloud and Google Work Space Education as services to help store up to 100 TB of training data and create online classrooms for lecturers to share learning materials with students. The many utilities of these platforms allow for the creation of a complete and comfortable online classroom with no difference from its traditional counterpart.

Mr. Dang Thanh Son introduces Google Cloud and Google Work Space Education to the audience

For the audience to visualize and vividly see how these platforms work Mr. Son directly created a demo solution. Through the demo of checking attendance in the class, Mr. Son said: "Without needing to have knowledge of coding, users can still create features and simple applications to solve the problems they are facing, thanks to smart AI technology and Google's No Code Platform".

Through the seminar, education enterprises can add another choice regarding technology solution provider from CMC Telecom, with the presentation of Mr. Nguyen Dai Viet Anh - Director of SME1 Center.

Mr. Viet Anh talks about the capacity of CMC Telecom

In Industry 4.0, the use of digital platforms is inevitable, as it helps improve competitive advantages and ensure quality of education. Regardless of scale, without making changes and timely catching up with technology trends, education enterprises may fall behind. Investing in 4.0 digital technology will help them build new business models to thrive in long term.