Migrating to Multi-Cloud and the constant "thirst" for qualified IT staff

In the journey "to the cloud", there are two important elements that businesses are always in shortage of: time and qualified staff.

To go fast and go far, it is necessary to soon "shake hands" with “adept” partners in the industry. 

From a general perspective, hybrid or Multi-Cloud, whether at introductory level or strategic level, is still the right choice for businesses.

A recent survey conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders and cybersecurity firm Fortinet with over 500 world's leading experts in many economic sectors noted that up to 71% of organizations are pursuing a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, while 76% of enterprises are using services from two or more cloud providers. However, adopting different cloud solutions also makes it difficult to operate, because each platform has its own requirements.

Lack of experts who understand Cloud is a "bottleneck" for businesses

In fact, even if there are enough resources to invest in Multi Cloud, many enterprises lack qualified staff to operate these modern technology platforms. According to the survey, about 86% of IT-related decision makers of enterprises said that the lack of qualified human resources is the reason why cloud projects are slowed down.

A cloud project requires its personnel to have skills not only in security and compliance, but also in DevOps - i.e. using tools to increase the delivery of applications and services at high speed, developing and improving products at a faster pace compared to organizations using On Premise infrastructure and traditional software development. The higher speed will allow businesses to better serve customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Another challenge is that it takes a long time for these personnel to learn operational skills as well as to accumulate practical experience. Even after having finished learning such skills, they still have to be regularly updated with new cloud architecture, security and compliance requirements from Cloud providers. Therefore, in order to "go cloud" most quickly and effectively, this roadmap of businesses must be trusted in the hands of seasoned "chief architect".

Shaking hands with "adept" partners in the industry - a smart strategy for Vietnamese enterprises

"As the leading Cloud provider in Vietnam and a senior partner of international Cloud Providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, etc., CMC Telecom understands the complexity of managing a multi-cloud environment. We pay special attention to and continuously develop high-quality, decentralized and specialized human resources according to each firm to support businesses", said Mr. Dang Tuan Thanh - Director of CMC Telecom's Multi-Cloud Service Operation Center, AWS Cloud Ambassador to Vietnam.

Mr. Dang Tuan Thanh - Director of Multi-Cloud, Service Operation Center of CMC Telecom

As a senior partner of AWS, Google and Microsoft, as well as having years of experience in deploying Multi-Cloud services for large enterprises in Vietnam, CMC Telecom's team of experts will build a "specific" architecture optimization process for each business with 4 benefits:

Working with a team of certified professionals : CMC Telecom has a Cloud system operation team of more than 300 employees who are categorized into specialized teams like: Cloud Team, Network Team, Security Team, etc. 100% of Cloud Team's solution technicians and engineers possess certificates granted by technology giants, such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional, AWS Certified Security - Specialty, AWS Certified Database - Specialty, etc., or  Google Professional Cloud Architect, Google Professional Cloud Developer, Google Associate Cloud Engineer, etc. They are also constantly and directly updated with and trained to understand the latest product features by these firms.

Cloud system operation team of CMC Telecom

Time-saving: Cooperating with CMC Telecom helps businesses not only get the commitment of CMC Telecom and Public Clouds such as AWS, Google and Microsoft to accompanying throughout their operation process, but also receive in-depth advice from leading experts in Cloud services. Each business will have their specific architecture determined to save resources and operating time and optimize performance.

Safe and secure: CMC Telecom's operations monitoring center helps customers migrate their IT systems to the platform of public clouds with high security and fast processing speed, which is monitored 24/7.

Cost-saving: With the best incentive policies and in-depth understanding of services of each Public Cloud, CMC Telecom will help businesses maximize their investment and provide optimal service configuration to minimize total costs.

In addition, businesses will get the chance to participate in in-depth, field-based training sessions and seminars on AWS services and solutions through the APN Immersion Day program held by CMC Telecom for their personnel. Training contents, materials and labs will be compiled and provided by a team of experts from AWS and CMC Telecom.

With a thorough approach, CMC Telecom helps IT experts and managers improve their knowledge on how to use AWS cloud computing platform effectively to unlock business potentials and meet business goals...