Company Information

CMC is the second largest ICT corporation in Vietnam, with more than 26 years of experience.

Established since 1993, CMC has more than 26 years of development and expansion to become on of the leading ICT companies in Vietnam with more than 3,000 employees (up to May 2019), and total net revenue for 5 quarters (4 quarters in 2010 and first quarter in 2011) of 4,497 billion VND (including internal revenue).

Currently, the operation of CMC is specialized and expanded continuously into many sectors, however, ICT is still considered as the key capacity for all production, business and market development activities. To gain the success today, CMC has experienced many memorable landmarks marking for the efforts and development of the company from time to time.


• CMC launches open infrastructure ecosystem C.OPE2N, desires to make Vietnam a “Digital Hub” of Asia
• Restructuring the Corporation, launching CMC TS, renaming CMC Infosec to CMC Cyber ​​Security.
• Samsung SDS signed a strategic cooperation contract with CMC on deploying solutions of smart factory management and administration MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for Samsung suppliers in Vietnam.


CMC was awarded the 3rd Labor Medal (2nd time).
• In June 2018, CMC and SAMSUNG SDS signed a strategic cooperation on the deployment of smart factory management and operation solution (MES) in Vietnam in June 2018.
• CMC was organized an independent evaluation by Vietnam Report to honor the Top 5 prestigious Vietnamese ICT enterprises.



CMC Corporation announces new brand identity system and development strategy until 2020.
Opening of CMC Innovation Center, CMC Lab; launching CMC Creative Fund.
Announcing the "Go Global" strategy and establishing CMC Global.


CMC received the certificate of merit from the Ministry of Information & Communications for businesses with achievements in contributing to the development of Vietnam's information and communication industry.
CMC SI received the 2016 Partner Award from Microsoft.
• CMC Telecom is in the "Top 25 promising telecommunications enterprises in 2016".


• CMC Corporation won big the Top 5 Award and 2015 ICT Gold Medal.
CMC Telecom entered into a strategic investment agreement with Time dotCom Berhad (TIME) - one of Malaysia's top telecommunications firms.
• CMC Infosec was awarded the flag to organize the International Conference on Malware Prevention AVAR 2015 by AVAR.


• CMC Corporation honorably received the emulation flag under the title of “Emulator of Excellent Achievements".
CMS, CMC Telecom and CMC SISG received ICT Gold Medal and Top 5 ICT Vietnam.
CMC Soft is appraised among Top 30 IT companies in Vietnam.
• CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CSIT) was established.


CMC Soft was honored with TOP 20 ASEAN Famous Brands.
• CMC InfoSec was officially handed over the host flag by Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR) to organize AVAR 2015 Conference in Vietnam.


• CMC Corporation officially announced the consolidation of CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure Corporation (CMC TI) and CMC Telecommunication Services Corporation (CMC Telecom) into a single company operating in Telecommunication – Internet called CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure Corporation (CMC Telecom).


• Established CMC System Integration Company Limited (CMC SI Saigon).
• CMC-Segmenta Joint Venture Joint Stock Company (CMC-Se) was officially renamed as Ciber-CMC Joint Venture Corporation (Ciber - CMC).


• More than 63.5 million CMG shares officially debut at Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange,. 
• Became the only strategic investor of Netnam, holding 43.8% of this company’s share.
CMC Building was inaugurated.


• CMC was granted Certificate of Investment by the Ministry of Planning and Investment to establish CMC Blue France Company Limited in France. CMC Blue France would distribute CMC's products, especially IT outsourcing services and IT operational outsourcing (ITO and BPO) services in France and Europe markets.


• CMC established CMC Information Security Joint Stock Company (CMC InfoSec)
CMC associated with Segmenta, the leading consultant of Denmark in SAP products to establish CMC-Segmenta Joint Venture Joint Stock Company (CMC-Se) to provide the consultancy services and exploiting ERP solutions of SAP in European market.
CMC Telecom cooperated with State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) to establish CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure Joint Stock Company (CMC TI)


• CMC was officially changed into CMC Corporation with 13 founding shareholders who are key leaders of the parent company and affiliates.
• CMC established CMC Distribution Company Limited (CMC Distribution).
• CMC paid in capital to establish CMC Telecom Service Joint Stock Company (CMC Telecom)


• CMC re-shaped the company into a single system of members that are closely linked in terms of legislation, finance, manpower, trademark, development strategy,... CMC consists of 3 member companies operating in Information Technology, including: CMS Computer Company Limited, CMC System Integration Company Limited, CMC Software Solution Company Limited 


• CMC was awarded a Labor Medal of Third Class.
• CMC was certified for a quality management system meeting ISO 9001-2000 standard.
• CMC became a Golden Partner of Microsoft.
• CMS - the first Vietnamese computer brand to hit 100,000 PCs


• eDocman software was awarded the Silver Cup for packaged software product – commercial software at the IT Week 13.
• Joined Thanh Giong Union to provide computers at preferential price to youngsters and teenagers in remote areas and disadvantaged areas.


• Provided more than 5,000 CMS computers to educational institutions. This recorded a project of the biggest number of PCs provided by far.


• CMC successfully implemented the BMS treasury bond management solution on national scale.
• CMC successfully deployed numerous large projects in the finance sector, for example, providing a data backup system to the General Department of Taxation.


• CMC became a sales agent of IBM.
• CMC provided an e-library system to the National Library and public libraries nationwide
• CMC provided communication infrastructure systems to financial institutions


• Became a Solution Partner of IBM for big solutions and Unix servers in the field of system integration
• Introduced iLib 1.0 library management software
• Introduced RedHat Linux 6.2 version with Vietnamese interface


• CMC founded The Trung Computer Company Limited (today known as CMC Computer Company Limited) based on the Computer distribution and assembly department.


• On the vigorous momentum of product & service scale and diversification, and heading for expansion of the System Integration and Software Development Departments, CMC established CMC System Integration Center (CMC SI) and CMC Software Solution Center (CMC Soft).


• Became a solution provider of Microsoft (MCSP)
• CMC Soft introduced eDocman packaged software product.


Established System Integration Center (precursor of CMC SI) and Software Solution Center (precursor of CMC Soft). Based in Ho Chi Minh City.


• HT&NT Company Limited Was renamed as CMC Computer Communication Company Limited.


• CMC became the principal distributor of Acer products.


• HT & NT Company Limited - the predecessor of CMC Corporation - was established on May 26, 1993 by two talented members who holds full of enthusiasm for IT industry - Mr. Ha The Minh and Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh.



• Backed by a modest initial investment capital of 50 million VND, ADCOM Center under Microelectronic Technology Institute, National Institute for Technology Research (predecessor of today CMC) formed with the aims of applying information technology in automation, control and telecommunication.