5 products and services of CMC Cyber Security win the "Golden Key 2020" award

On the morning of 18 November in Hanoi, Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) held a ceremony to announce the winners of "Golden Key 2020" award. CMC Cyber Security is proud to have 5 winning products and services in three categories.
  1. CMC Malware Detection and Defense (CMDD)
  2. CMC Information Security Monitoring and Defense
  3. CMC Web Application Firewall 
  4. CMC Penetration Testing service
  5. CMC Information Security Monitoring service

5 products and services of CMC Cyber Security that win the "Golden Key 2020" award

In particular, the "Golden Key" award-winning products and services of CMC Cyber Security include: CMC Malware Detection and Defence (CMDD), and CMC Information Security Monitoring and Defense, which won the "Golden Key 2020" for excellent high-quality information security products; CMC Web Application Firewall, which won the "Golden Key 2020" for excellent potential information security products; CMC Penetration Testing service and CMC Information Security Monitoring service, which won the "Golden Key 2020" for prominent information security services.

The voting program for the "Golden Key 2020" award succeeds and replaces the voting program for high-quality and prominent information security products and services, held by VNISA in collaboration with Authority of Information Security under Ministry of Information and Communications from 2015.

Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security

At the ceremony, representing the corporation which has many award-winning products and services, Mr. Ha The Phuong - Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security said: "The number of institutions and of "Make in Vietnam" products and services both have increased compared to last year. This proves that our industry is thriving, and more and more new companies are emerging in the market.  This also motivates long-standing companies to refresh themselves, develop new technologies, and invest more in their team of experts to compete and raise the bar for the industry.

Furthermore, assessments and evaluations are also stricter and getting closer to international standards, which stimulates companies to pay more attention to their products and services, in order to narrow the gap in quality between Vietnamese products and international ones.

CMC receives the award at "Golden Key Awards Ceremony 2020"

Especially, these awards will surely play a large role in our communication, sales and service. Clients and the market will also have one more standard to rely on in selecting domestic products that are appropriate for their investment demand."

This is an annual activity within the framework of VINISA's Vietnam Information Security Day, starting from 2020. The program aims to honor Vietnamese information security enterprises who have made great efforts and are gradually affirming the advantages of their "Make in Vietnam" information security products and services in terms of quality and ability to meet market demands.

According to the organizing board, there are 56 products from 18 enterprises to participate in the event this year, which is an increase of 87% compared to last year. This is a good signal, as product quality is also improved and better than the previous year. The program is expected to contribute to promoting the image of domestic products and services, thus creating trust for users, thereby expanding the market for businesses.

The voting program for "Golden Key" award is held for products and services of information security assurance as well as IT products and applications with safety and security features, which are owned or have technologies mastered by Vietnamese enterprises or organizations, capable of mass production, and have been commercialized or supplied to the market. The specific voting categories for excellent and prominent products and services are assessed based on the ability to meet prescribed criteria.

Notably, this year, "CMC Web Application Firewall" - a new solution of CMC Cyber Security - has won the "Golden Key 2020" award for excellent potential information security products. CMC Web Application Firewall (C-WAF) is part of an information security kit developed by CMC CS, which provides a layer of firewall to protect web applications and APIs of organizations from attacks and threats, known or unknown, by using powerful, AI-integrated ruleset tools to improve performance.

In terms of operating mechanism, C-WAF provides a continuous protection for websites and applications through network traffic analysis, and only allows valid access requests to get through. This product is categorized as information security assurance for websites and APIs.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dzung emphasized that the awarding of "Golden Key 2020" to the products and services mentioned above has affirmed the quality, superiority and efficiency of products and services whose technologies are mastered by Vietnamese organizations and enteprises. This is an activity in response to the national digital transformation program and the "Make in Vietnam" strategy of the Government.

In addition, the voting and recognition of "Golden Key" title also support trade promotion, competitiveness strengthening and market expansion. The voting results also act as an important channel for state management agencies to have a better look at the market of information security products and services, thus develop appropriate policies to encourage and support Vietnamese enterprises.

The voting council for awarding the "Golden Key" title to high-quality information security products and services in 2020 consists of 21 members who are leading managers and experts in the field of information security in Vietnam. Chairman of the Council is Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, President of VNISA.

CMC Cyber Security was established in 2008 with the mission of developing information security products and services for individuals and enterprises, as well as solutions to prevent malicious codes and information security services. With the staff of 70 people, including 45 leading engineers in the field of security and IT, engineers and experts with international security qualifications and certifications, such as PCI QSA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, CEH, etc. and experience in handling major information security incidents in Vietnam, 100% of products and services of CMC Cyber Security are researched and developed by Vietnamese people, which are flexible and meet demands of different customers, from the Government sector to the financial sector, from enterprises to individual users. CMC Cyber Security is currently the only Vietnamese member of Association of antiVirus Asia Researchers (AVAR) and International Computer Security Association (ICSA). All products and services provided by CMC Cyber Security are strictly regulated by international standards and backed by security experts from reputable organizations.