Agricultural product management from the garden to the consumer with CMC Blockchain solution

The application of CMC Blockchain platform in agricultural management will help prove the origin of agricultural products, create product codes for sale at stores and supermarkets, and promise to bring convenience to consumers.

Overview of Blockchain Made by CMC

Based on Blockchain technology, the Blockchain platform for qualification traceability and management is researched and developed by CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST). CIST's blockchain platform supports customers in product traceability based on Blockchain technology. 

The outstanding point of the platform is that it shortens the time to deploy operations such as: Providing seamless production flow to suppliers and transparent product information to consumers 

Allowing consumers to see how the products are made; 

Producers can memorize and track the productions stages; 

Easy product tracebility when incidents occur; 

Cross-platform support and easy integration.


Blockchain - Made by CMC is being applied at some cooperatives to manage agricultural products from the garden to the consumer.

Blockchain traceability platform - birth certificate for agricultural products

Currently, the Blockchain - Made by CMC platform is being applied at some cooperatives to manage agricultural products from the garden to the consumer. The platform helps to record the origin of agricultural products. 

Accordingly, when harvesting, the farmer will generate a code for each product (which contains information of variety, harvest date, cultivation method) and upload image and information of the product to the system using an app on a smartphone. The system will back up the data so that it can be checked at any time, and there is no limit to the number of entries.

Previously, without the access to Blockchain, farmers had to manually manage their post-harvest agricultural products, and could only record the products’ warehouse input and output dates without being able to specify and prove their origin. That is the causes of agricultural products without brands, which makes consumers feel insecure and thus leads to low prices and great losses to farmers.

Blockchain Made by CMC not only helps farmers with the management, increase the prices of agricultural products, make it easy to promote and establish product brands and contribute to the realization of "farm-to-table" agriculture, but also helps consumers easily review product information and know the origin as well as the whole production process of planting, harvesting to preserving, thus feeling safe to consume the product.