CMC CA – E-signature service to support digital transformation

CMC Certificate Authority (CMC CA) is part of a digital ecosystem to support customers from SMEs to large companies created by CMC Corporation, contributing to providing infrastructure for the digital economy. The service is provided and deployed by CMC Technology & Solution (CMC TS).

CMC CA is a form of electronic signature that uses an asymmetric cryptography system (public key cryptography – PKI) which encrypts enterprise data to replace signatures on documents.

Safe and continuous

CMC owns the best Data center infrastructure in Vietnam, which meets the international Tier-III standard and is the only Vietnamese data center to have PCI DSS.

On that foundation, CMC CA infrastructure system is divided into two CMC data centers located in Hanoi (main) and Ho Chi Minh City (backup). In case incidents happen to the main system, the backup system will be activated and run to ensure the entire CMC CA system to work 24/7.

Each system is divided into separate areas for safety and security. In addition, CMC CA also meets information security standards for cryptographic module FIPS PUB 140 - 2 Level 3, and PKCS.

CMC CA brings a lot of benefits to enterprises and organizations.

Flexible use

When registering for CMC CA, customers have access to e-signature using USB Token or Remote Signing.

For USB Token, customers only need to plug the device to the computer whenever they need to sign electronically.

For remote signing, customer’s digital key and certificate are archived in HSM. Customers register to create account in the system and authenticate access (two-factor authentication) by using app on mobile phone or computer to log in and sign digitally. With remote signing, customers can use electronic signature anytime, anywhere.

Electronic signature helps to ensure that transactions are secured and legal binding, solving the problem of data integrity in e-transactions such as: Customs, Tax, electronic Social insurance, Banking, Securities, Documents, etc.

This service also support businesses to secure transactions and avoid fake signatures, thus gives peace of mind to businesses, organizations and individuals in their electronic transactions.

In addition, it also helps businesses reduce expenditures for document management and archive; and use the signature to work in an international environment. This service increases the readiness of agencies and organizations for digital transformation.