How does facial recognition and electronic identification application work in hospitals?

A big international hospital in Hanoi has been using CIVAMS integrated with eKyc, a solution made by CMC for recognition of faces and personal identity documents to support access control and security alert.

Advantages of CIVAMS and eKyc

CIVAMS and eKyc are solutions created and developed by CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST). Through smart cameras, CIVAMS will analyze videos and recognize faces by applying smart image processing technology which works on diverse hardware platforms (FPGA, GPU, etc.). The solution offers functions of detecting face and identity, counting the number of persons entering and exiting, and controlling automatic barriers for access control of buildings and offices. In addition, it can also measure body temperature and send alert of those with overly high temperature for handling.

eKyc (Electronic Know Your Customer) is a digital verification solution which helps to confirm customer’s identity, thus simplify procedures to enter or exit a building or an office.

CIVAMS is especially effective for time and attendance system, access control and customer identification in large number and with high speed.

A “smart eye” for hospitals

Integrating the two solutions above, the talented engineers of CIST created a smart, modern and optimal control system for doctors, patients and patient’s family members whenever they enter or exit the hospital.

The system consists of security cameras for identification, time and attendance check of staff and doctors everyday instead of the traditional fingerprint system. During the pandemic, the system can recognize masked faces with accuracy of 98.95%, warn of people with body temperature of over 37oC and send signals of danger for the security team to directly perform the check.

For patients and their family members, the system reads their identity documents (ID card, etc.) to detect forged papers and automatically display information on electronic documents. The information includes: full name, date of birth, document number, hometown, etc. Instead of manually inserting information, patients and their family members only need to register once, then have easy access in later visits thanks to facial recognition through cameras.

CIVAMS integrated with eKyc also detects stranger intrusion into the hospital by sending danger signals when the cameras fail to recognize the face. The system helps the hospital reduce the number of employees to manually check papers and the patients and their family members have less procedures to perform, thus save time and minimize the risks of infection due to direct contact.

In addition, the hospital’s administrative department can also save time and labor for time and attendance check of staff and doctors. Every month, the system will export the data including: full name of employees, number of working hours, arrival time, departure time, etc.

CIVAMS is part of artificial intelligence with eyes, brain and machine learning.

The system is installed in a week with recognition accuracy of 99.88% for unmasked faces, recognition time of less than 300 ms, and is used for 1500 officers and 4.000 patients and patient’s family members.

Representative of the hospital said that Made by CMC products are selected because they have the best speed and recognition capability on the market. In addition, CMC also provides other ecosystems to accompany CIVAMS: eKYC, etc. which, in long term, will help the hospital to complete digital transformation and effectively operate.

eKYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer) is being increasingly used in many industries and activities, such as registering and opening new account, registering for credit facilities, authenticating log-in information, etc. CMC’s solution helps to reduce time and increase accuracy and performance much more than traditional methods.