BDP - Solution for telecommunications enterprises to read consumer behavior

Recognizing that customer data is fundamental to a successful business strategy, a telecommunications company wants a tool to measure customer's consumption of telecommunications services in order to build effective customer care processes and deliver products and services tailored to market needs. BDP solution was born to do just that.

Overview of CMC's BDP

Digital transformation is becoming a trend, and with the increasingly harsh competition, understanding customer data has become more and more important to every business. To meet this need, CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) has researched and developed the BDP (Big Data Protocol) solution.

BDP is a customer database. Based on information on social networks, the solution helps telecommunications businesses read consumer behavior on the scale of 10,000 subscribers and 200,000 subscribers, thereby giving information about the habits of customers in using voice and data services. In addition, consumer characteristics and behavior are also recorded, so that an alert can be sent when an unusual behavior is detected.  This is considered one of the breakthroughs of the solution.

Big Data Protocol - "Customer Care Dictionary" of telecommunications companies

BDP Made by CMC solution helps businesses optimize data analytics resources and save time. Moreover, the solution also helps telecommunications enterprises easily propose the most suitable subscription package for each customer based on consumer behavior, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. This is evident through the growth of 1% of revenue per month per customer.

The company said that the decision to choose CMC product is due to its agility and being the most advanced technology on the market. CMC's solution comes with features that shorten time, minimize manpower, improve accuracy and human processing performance dozens of times compared to traditional ways.