How is CIVAMS solution applied in managing vehicles in and out?

A number of state agencies and businesses in Hanoi have been using CIVAMS - a smart, iParking-interagted image analysis and management solution for license plate and face recognition, which helps to automate processes, shorten time and save resources for parking operations. Advantages of CIVAMS and iParking

CIVAMS is a smart image analysis and management solution created and developed by CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST). Through smart camera, CIVAMS will analyze videos and recognize faces using smart image processing technology on diverse hardware platforms (FPGA, GPU, etc.) The solution offers features of face detection, identity recognition and statistics of people entering and exiting, as well as controls automatic barriers for access control in buildings and offices. In addition, the solution features body temperature control and detection of people not wearing masks to warn and remind, which is very effective in the current stressful epidemic situation. 

iParking is a solution to recognize license plates with high accuracy (99.96%), which helps to automate the process and shorten the time to get in and out of parking lots (less than 3 seconds to complete the process), while reduces the staff for monitoring and ticketing.

CIVAMS smart image analysis and management solution installed at CMC building.

 “Smart Eye” for safety control

Integrating both solutions for businesses and state agencies, CMC engineers have created a smart, modern and optimal system to monitor civil servants when then come in and come out of the building.

The system consists of 2 cameras located in the motorcycle lane, in which the front one is for automatic face recognition and the rear one is for automatic license plate recognition.

At the entrance, when a motorbike moves into position, the system will automatically records information of face and license plate of the subject, as well as the time of entering the parking lot, then automatically lift the barrier to let the vehicle in.

At the exit, when the vehicle moves into position, the system will automatically recognize the face and license plate and check the database to find the time and image of the vehicle when it enters the parking lot. If such information matches the database, the barrier will be automatically lifted to let the vehicle out. Thanks to this system, many parking lots no longer have queues for parking at peak hours.

In the past, businesses used to control vehicles in and out manually. An employee in charge of the work must write down the license plate number on a parking ticket or write it directly on the vehicle.  This method is not safe, time-consuming and causes traffic jams at peak hours. This traditional way of keeping check of vehicles is now only used at small parking lots and no longer suitable for large-scale offices, high-rise buildings, condominiums, supermarkets or shopping malls.

According to customers, CMC product is selected because it has the speed and senstivity as well as the best performance on the market. CMC's solution comes with features that shorten time, minimize manpower, improve accuracy and human processing performance dozens of times compared to traditional ways.