CMC is honored with Green Energy title in 2021

On the morning of 11 December, Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade held a ceremony to announce and award the Green Energy title in 2021 to CMC Corporation.

As Vietnam's leading technology corporation, CMC is always conscious in using renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emission. The investment in using green energy is also proposed by its Board of Directors. CMC aims to operate entirely on carbon-free energy and reduce emissions across its supply chain. Energy-saving solutions are always prioritized by CMC and supported by its employees.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luu - Chief of Marketing & Communications Department - CMC Corporation said: "CMC always promotes the use of green energy during operation. A title to honor establishments and enterprises that use green energy as well as the dissemination and replication of typical energy-saving solutions are important for CMC to apply a similar model to promote the effective management and use of energy, thus improve the energy efficiency of the Corporation."

Representatives of Vietnam Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Association and Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade award the 4-star title to CMC Corporation at the ceremony.

The program of recognizing a title for establishments using green energy is directly implemented by Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade. Through objective assessments, the program recognizes the title for establishments and construction works using green energy and contributing to improving energy efficiency in Hanoi.

These role models contribute to promoting the application of automation technology, creation and application of 4.0 technologies in equipment system and energy management, and building a set of energy efficiency indicators to improve energy capacity for energy-intensive systems and technologies. 

The program also promotes the use of clean energy (efficient and renewable energy) according to the objective of green, stable and sustainable economic growth to enhance competitiveness and the possibility of new-generation economic integration.

Over the past 5 years, the program has encouraged and instructed over 260 establishments to participate in the evaluation for recognition of establishments and construction works using green energy, and has recognized the title for 108 establishments. In 2021, there are 42 establishments and construction works honored with the Green Energy title.