Share success and cooperate sustainably with CMC Cyber Security

Facing the development of the digital economy and challenges in the field of Information Security, CMC Cyber Security has launched many useful security products and solutions for users and businesses, such as: Antivirus software (CMC IS), Centralized Anti-Malware and Administration solution (CMDD), Website Application Firewall (WAF), Data Encryption Malware Prevention solution (CryptoSHIELD), etc.

With the strategic orientation of building and developing a network for distributing products and services across the country and for exporting them, our company (CMC CS) would like to send an invitation for cooperation to our valued customers/partners in order to "share success and cooperate sustainably with CMC Cyber Security".

  • Form of cooperation: Official Distributor/Agent/ Collaborator of Security Products/Solutions.
  • Participants: All companies, organizations, shops, individuals, students, etc.

CMC Cyber Security Co., Ltd. is a security enterprise owned by CMC - a leading technology corporation in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing anti-malware software and information security solutions. To date, CMC Cyber Security is the only security enterprise in Vietnam that is a member of Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR) and ICSA Lab. In particular, the company is also the first company in Vietnam to be granted a certificate of compliance with international security standards for Card Data (PCI DSS).

For more information on cooperation and participation benefits, please contact the Regional Department or at the Hotline:

  • Hotline: 1900571244
  • Northern and Central region market: Mr. Vuong: 0388 329 269
  • B2B market: Ms.Son: 0909 545460
  • Email: