Digital transformation for retailers: Story of Xuan Truong Supermarket (Sa Pa)

Xuan Truong Supermarket is the biggest shopping mall at the center of Sapa Town (Lao Cai), covering an area of more than 3,000 m2 and selling 40,000 items with a total revenue per year of 600-700 billion VND. After deploying the SAP B1 solution consulted and provided by CMC TS , Xuan Truong Supermarket's business has grown by tens of percents in the 2017-2020 period.

Business software is changed once every two years because none meets business needs

Despite being a local enterprise, leaders of Xuan Truong Supermarket (Sa Pa) are determined that only investing in information technology can help the business optimize its operations and grow.

With one supermarket, one restaurant and one hotel being run, Xuan Truong Supermarket needs to collect data of operations and business activities and create reports to support financial accounting management, supermarket sales management, warehouse management, etc.

In the past, the enterprise used many different software to support its business; however, once every two years, it had to switch to a new solution, since the old one was not effective and not suitable for the operational requirements of the company. Taking the supermarket business for example, at a surge of customers, the old system was unable to timely process 40,000 items, and was often congested.

"I had to switch to 3 different business software, and yet I was not satisfied!" - said Mr. Ha Xuan Truong - Director of Xuan Truong Supermarket.


Photo: Cashier counters of Xuan Truong Supermarket

Another challenge faced by the enterprise is the limited qualification of its human resources and IT infrastructure. The staff of Xuan Truong Supermarket mainly consists of ethnic people, who have little chance to come into contact with and use technology products.

Therefore, the enterprise needs an effective and easy-to-use solution which can be quickly deployed and which can optimize investment costs.

SAP B1 - The answer to the digital transformation problem of retailers

In the wake of the difficulties and growth needs of the enterprise, the team from CMC Technology and Solution Co., Ltd. (CMC TS) has advised SAP B1 to Xuan Truong Supermarket. This is an ERP solution that is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, which fully integrates business process management features, such as finance and accounting, purchase and sale, warehouse management, customer management, supplier management, etc.

Mr. Ha Quoc Thach - Solution Director of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Solution Division, CMC Technology and Solution said: "The cost of investment to deploy SAP B1 is reasonable and not as expensive as other ERP solutions. It also does not require enterprises to invest in large servers or storage infrastructure. CMC TS also provides support for enterprises to train their staff to effectively apply this solution."

SAP B1 offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Especially, CMC TS has localized SAP B1 by integrating Vietnamese language, making the solution more accessible to Vietnamese users.


Photo: Mr. Ha Quoc Thach (left) - Solution Director of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Solution Division, CMC TS and Mr. Ha Xuan Truong (right) - Director of Xuan Truong Supermarket.

Deployed since 2017, SAP B1 has effectively assisted Xuan Truong Supermarket, not only in retailing but also in wholesaling.

Mr. Ha Xuan Truong said: "This is the best supporting solution for goods management, business operation and personnel. Goods are circulated well even at peak times when the supermarket welcomes several hundreds of customers."  In addition, SAP B1 also strictly manages processes, helps correct operations and minimize errors in the process as well as the risk of errors caused by operators, thus helping the enterprise to optimize costs and save time.

Representative of Xuan Truong Supermarket also emphasized: "Thanks to analytical reports from the system, Xuan Truong Supermarket can easily and quickly grasp the market trends as well as better understand customers' needs. From 2017 to date, our revenue has been increased by tens of percents, thanks to the digital transformation in operation and doing business. We are satisfied with this investment decision!"

Additional information

CMC Technology and Solution Co., Ltd. (CMC TS) is a strategic and leading unit of CMC Corporation. CMC TS focuses on consulting and providing digital transformation solutions, solutions for banking & finance, manufacturing, transportation-airline, retail, telecommunications, etc. as well as information security solutions.

With a team of 1,000 employees across the country to provide services and solutions in 63 provinces and cities, CMC TS is a Vietnamese senior partner of more than 100 large technology firms in the world; as well as a Silver partner (Silver PE Sell) of SAP. CMC TS is fully capable of consulting and deploying SAP solutions, such as SAP B1, S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, etc. for enterprises in Vietnam.