CMC CDN solves "congestion" in the pandemic for G Kitchen's customers

G Kitchen decided to cooperate with CMC Telecom through CMC Content Delivery Network (CMC CDN) service to avoid overloaded website when the number of orders increases during the pandemic.

As the decision of applying social distancing measures to prevent and control Covid-19 pandemic is issued, many people go to supermarkets and retail systems to buy essential supplies, as well as increase their online orders to reduce travel time and keep the distance. Like other e-commerce platforms, G Kitchen is encountering an overload because the online orders from customers are skyrocketing during the pandemic.

Faced with that challenge, G Kitchen has chosen CMC Telecom as the partner to deploy CDN service. This is a highly distributed platform of servers that minimizes the latency in loading website contents by bridging the physical distance between the server and the user.

CMC CDN helps to shorten the distance of content transmission to users, minimize latency and increase transmission speed. With strong domestic and international infrastructure which is always ready to provide 24/7 supports, G Kitchen's website always operates stably and with the highest efficiency. CMC CDN also helps maintain the high loading speed of the website when there are too many users accessing at one time, solving the problem of being "overloaded" with orders in the pandemic.

CMC CDN helps businesses' websites to integrate in the most convenient and easiest way

Mr. Le Tan Duoc - Product IT Team Leader - Ecommerce & Retail of G Kitchen said: "The integration of CDN will further support key services. For e-commerce websites with high traffic and a lot of product images, it is extremely necessary to improve loading speed and reducing the load on servers during peak times. CMC CDN is a solution worth considering, as it is quite easy to intergrate and does not affect the run of main services much."

CMC CDN helps G Kitchen solve the problem of website latency, supporting the website system to be stable when there is a sudden increase in traffic. As a result, the time to purchase has been reduced significantly for G Kitchen's customers, while user experience is improved, thus increasing the ability to create better customer loyalty and retention.

In addition, CDN also helps G Kitchen's website to have a higher position in Google ranking system, thus providing maximum support to SEO. From which, G Kitchen will have more business advantages compared to its competitors.

CMC Telecom supports online sales websites during the pandemic

In addition to G Kitchen, CMC Telecom also proposes to Ministry of Industry and Trade to be engaged in supporting e-commerce platforms with solutions such as CMC CDN, Cloud Server, etc. along with many attractive incentives and promotions. This is also a step of CMC Telecom to help businesses effectively carry out digital transformation during Covid pandemic. CMC Telecom is currently the exclusive partner to distribute CDN service of the giant Akamai in Vietnam. 

From 16 July 2021, CMC Telecom offers a maximum discount of 15% for Google Workspace service; at the same time, it offers 02 months of free use of Cloud Server service and a 30% discount on the original price. CMC Telecom also waives the forwarding fee for businesses using the prefix of 1900 to the fixed prefix of 710.

In addition, CMC Telecom also offers 2 months of using CDN service, free of charge (2TB of capacity/month) and a 50% off of the excess capacity. At the same time, it gives a 50% off for the next 3 months of use after the promotion ends.

Businesses in need of support can visit  to instantly enjoy offers from CMC Telecom.

CMC Telecom offers up to 15% discount on Google Workspace service and many other incentives.

G Kitchen is a clean meat brand that is born from 18 years of dedication to building a food chain following the 3F (Feed-Farm-Food) closed process of Greenfeed Vietnam, with the desire to bring quality products to help the meals of millions of Vietnamese families be more complete.

Currently, G Kitchen has been present at more than 30,000 retail points, supermarkets, and grocery stores nationwide; and 30 G Kitchen Clean Meat stores have been launched in Ho Chi Minh City. G Kitchen provides a reputable source of ingredients to restaurants, schools, airlines, etc.